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Esperanto: Communica

Esperanto communication vocabulary

konsilo advice
helpo aid; assist; assistance; help
proklamo announcement; proclamation; annunciation; declaration
respondo answer; reply; response
argumento argument; statement
atento attention; attending
aprobo blessing; approval; approving
voko cry; outcry; call; yell; shout; vociferation
datumoj data; information
decido decision; determination; conclusion
diskuto discussion; give-and-take; word
dubo doubt; uncertainty; incertitude; dubiety; doubtfulness; dubiousness
ekzameno examination; exam; test
ekzemplo example; illustration; instance; representative
rigardo expression; look; aspect; facial expression; face
sento feeling
humoro humor; humour; sense of humor; sense of humour
penso idea; thought
informo information; info
intereso interest; involvement
intervjuo interview
lingvo language; linguistic communication
mensogo lie; prevarication
poŝto mail; mail service; postal service; post
renkontigxo meeting; coming together
memoro memory
memoro memory; retention; retentiveness; retentivity
eraro mistake; error; fault
noto note; annotation; notation
opinio opinion; sentiment; persuasion; view; thought
protesto protest; protestation
motivo reason
tero reason; ground
rilato relation
peto request; asking
sekreta secret
kriterio standard; criterion; measure; touchstone
aserto statement
voĉo voice; vocalization; vocalism; phonation; vox
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