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Esperanto: Adjective

Esperanto adjectives

kapabla able
abrupta abrupt; precipitous; sharp
akra acuate; acute; sharp; needlelike
lerta adept; expert; good; practiced; proficient; skillful; skilful
apuda adjacent; next; side by side
post after
stulta airheaded; dizzy; empty-headed; featherbrained; giddy; light-headed; lightheaded; silly
vivanta alive; live
ĉio all
sola alone; lone; lonely; solitary
alia another; some other
ajna any; whatever; whatsoever
sagaca astute; sharp; shrewd
aŭtomata automatic
havebla available
maldorma awake
malbona bad
barbara barbarous; brutal; cruel; fell; roughshod; savage; vicious
baza basic
bela beautiful
amara bitter
nigra black
teda boring; deadening; dull; ho-hum; irksome; slow; tedious; tiresome; wearisome
ambaŭ both
hela bright; brilliant; vivid
rompita broken
bruska brusque; brusk; curt; short
kardinala cardinal; central; fundamental; key; primal
centra central
certa certain; sure
malmultekosta cheap; inexpensive
kemia chemical; chemic
ĉefa chief; main; primary; principal; master
pura clean
hela clear
malvarma cold
komuna common; mutual
kompleta complete; consummate
senpaga complimentary; costless; free; gratis; gratuitous
fina concluding; final; last; terminal
konscia conscious; witting
ĝusta correct; right
kruda crude; rough
kuranta current
danĝera dangerous; unsafe
tenebra dark
morta dead
delikata delicate
fragila delicate; fragile; frail
sekura dependable; good; safe; secure
lamentinda deplorable; distressing; lamentable; pitiful; sad; sorry
alia different
malfacila difficult; hard
malpura dirty; dingy; muddied; muddy
malpura dirty; soiled; unclean
diversa diverse; various
suben down
seka dry
ĉiu each
frue early
facila easy
ekonomia economic
ekonomia economic; economical
elektra electric; electrical
simpla elementary; simple; uncomplicated; unproblematic
egala equal
estinta erstwhile; former; old; onetime; one-time; quondam; sometime
speciala especial; exceptional; particular; special
para even
ebena even; fifty-fifty
ĉiu every
bonega excellent; first-class; fantabulous; splendid
falsa fake; false; faŭ; imitation; simulated
erara false; mistaken
fora far
dika fat
grasa fatty; fat
ina female
malmulta few
bagatela fiddling; footling; lilliputian; little; niggling; piddling; piffling; petty; picayune; trivial
firma firm; solid
financa fiscal; financial
fiksita fixed
plata flat; level; plane
venonta following; next
eksterlanda foreign; strange
libera free
freŝa fresh
amika friendly
antaŭa front
plena full
totala full; total
plue further; farther
venonta future
ĝenerala general
glueca gluey; glutinous; gummy; mucilaginous; pasty; sticky; viscid; viscous
bona good
bona good; well
granda great
grizo grey; gray; greyish; grayish
malriĉa hapless; miserable; misfortunate; pathetic; piteous; pitiable; pitiful; poor; wretched
feliĉa happy
salubra healthy; salubrious; good for you
peza heavy
varma hot
homa human
malsata hungry
malsana ill; sick
reĝa imperial; majestic; purple; regal; royal
malĝusta incorrect; wrong
individua individual; private
industria industrial
eta infinitesimal; minute
inteligenta intelligent
interesa interesting
internacia international
afabla kind
granda large; big
lasta last
lefta left
leĝa legal
malpeza light
likva liquid
loka local
longa long
laŭta loud
malalta low
bonŝanca lucky
maĵora major
maskla male
multaj many
edziniĝinta married
materia material
signifoplena meaning; pregnant; significant
medicina medical
metala metallic; metal
militisto military
eta minor; modest; small; small-scale; pocket-size; pocket-sized
moderna mod; modern; modernistic
moderna modern
pli more; more than
multe much
malvasta narrow
nacia national
natura natural
proksima near; close; nigh
necesa necessary
sub nether; under
nova new
beleta nice
nenia no
normala normal
norda north
maljuna old
sur on
kontraŭa opposite
origina original
alia other
propra own; ain
paralela parallel
pasinta past
pacienca patient
persona personal
fizika physical
fizika physical
politika political
malriĉa poor
eventuala possible
nuna present
privata private
verŝajna probable; likely
profesia professional
kvieta quiet
preta ready
efektiva real; existent
freŝdata recent
regula regular
respondeca responsible
dekstra right
nefleksebla rigid; stiff
kruda rough; unsmooth
cirkla round; circular
malgaja sad
sekura safe
sama same
dua second; 2nd; 2d
aparta separate
serioza serious
kurta short
fermita shut; unopen; closed
grava significant; important
senbrua silent; soundless; still
simila similar
sincera sincere
sola single
lanta slow
malgranda small; little
glata smooth
sociala social
mola soft
aŭstrala south
specifa specific
kvadrata square
normala standard
rekta straight
stranga strange; unusual
forta strong
stulta stupid
eleganta stylish; fashionable
sukcesa successful
subita sudden
dolĉa sweet
alta tall
dika thick
viskoza thick
maldika thin
malgrasa thin; lean
soifa thirsty
strikta tight
laca tired
vera true
verema truthful; true
malbela ugly
senlabora unemployed
diferenca unlike; dissimilar; different
unuopa unmarried; single
perforta violent
varma warm
malseka wet
blanka white
tuta whole
larĝa wide; broad
saĝa wise
juna young; immature
Created by: garydale
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