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IL-1 Source Mphage, monocyte, DCs
IL-1 Effect inflammation in innate immunity, get endothelium to express E and P selectin
IL-2 Source Activated Tcells (4 and 8)
IL-2 targets Tcells (4 and 8)
IL-2 Effect Stim Tcell prolif, NK/Bcell diff and prolif
IL-3 Source CD4 Th1 cells, eosinophils, mast cells
IL-3 Effect Expansion of immature blood cell progenitors
IL-4 Source CD4 Th2 cells
IL-4 targets other Th2, Bcells
IL-4 effect Th2 diff, IgE production, Bcell prolif, inhib Th1 mediated immunity
IL-5 source CD4Th2, activated mast cells
IL-5 target Bcells, eosinophils
IL-5 effect Isotype switch, eos growth and diff
IL-6 source Mphage, monocytes, DCs
IL-6 target liver Bcells
IL-6 effect Stim acute phase proteins, plasma Bcell growth
IL-8 source Mphage, monocytes, DCs
IL-8 target Nphils
IL-8 effect Call in other Nphils
IL-10 source CD4 Th2 cells
IL-10 Effect Isotype switch, Inhib Mphage and Th1cells
IL-12 source Mphage, Monocytes, DCs
IL-12 target NKcells, Tcells
IL-12 effect activate NK, prommote Th1 activity
IL-13 source CD4 Th2
IL-13 target Bcells
IL-13 effect stim IgE production
PAF source Mast cells/eos
PAF target Nphils
PAF effect Attracts Nphils
MCP-1 source CD4 Th1 cells
MCP-1 target Mphage, Monocytes, DCs
MCP-1 effect Recruit Mphages
TNF-a source Mphage, monocyte, DCs, act CD4Th1 cells
TNF-a target Endothelium, Nphils, monocytes, Mphages
TNF-a effect vasc. perm., CAM expression, thrombosis, vasodilation
TNF-B source CD4 Th2 cells
TNF-B target Bcells
TNF-B effect Isotype switching
INF-gamma source CD4 Th1 cells, NK cells
IFN gamma target Mphate, Bcells
IFN gamma effect Act. Mphage, Isotype switch
GM-CSF source CD4 Th1/Th2 cells
GM-CSF target lymphocyte progenitors
TBF-B source CD4 Th2, Mphage, monocytes, DCs
TBF-B target Tcells, Mphage
TBF-B effect Inhib Tcells, Mphage, inflammatory cytokines
MIF source CD4Th1 cells
MIF target Mphage
MIF effect Inhib Mphage migration from site
CCL13 source lymph nodes
CCL13 target Bcells, eosinophils
CCL13 effect attract Bcells
CCL17/27 source skin
CCL17/27 target Tcells
CCL17/27 effect Attract Tcells
CCL 18 source DCs
CCL18 target Naive Tcells
CCL18 effect attract naive Tcells to lymph nodes
CCL 19/21 source lymph nodes, DCs
CCL19/21 target Tcells
CCL19/21 effect attract Tcells
CCL25/28 source lamina propria
CCL25/28 target Tcells
CCL25/28 effect Attract Tcells to gut
XCL1 source thymus
XCL1 target "future" thymocytes
XCL1 effect attract prethymocytes to thymus
Created by: glavik