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Lesson 26

Lesson 26/Integumentary System Equipment and Procedures

acrylic manufactured material, plastic
air-filled alternating pressure mattress bedding to provide comfort for patients undergoing pressure sore ulcer treatment and prevention.
augmentation process of increasing in size, amount, degree or severity
C&S, culture and sensitivity ?
debride, debridement removal of foreign materials, necrotic matter, and devitalized tissue from a wound or burn
flap avulsion flap, Gilles' tube flap, skin flap, rotation flap, pedicle flap
fluoresc/o emitting light when exposed to light flow
graft split-thickness skin graft, full-thickness skin graft, homograft, autologous skin graft
genus a group of similar bacterial species
I&D, incision and drainage surgical cut made to withdraw fluid from wound or cavity
IF test, immunofluorescence test technique of using fluorescent dyes to identify antigenic materials specific to their antibodies
operato/o surgery or operation
reduction surgical procedure to reduce size
suture surgical stitch, seam
W-70 a dressing
Wood's light ultraviolet lamp used to detect infected hairs
Z-plasty Z-shaped incision to elongate scar area of tension or contraction