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Events 1879-1920

1879 Germany signs military alliance with Austria-Hungary.
1894 Russia and France create the Franco-Russian alliance.
1904 Britain and France establish close relations through the entente cordiale.
1905 Germany challenges French-English relations by calling Morrocan independance from France.
1912-1913 Two Balkin wars contribute to Russian and Serbian hostility towards Austria.
June 1914 Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand is assassinated by Bosnian terorrist in Sarajevo.
August 1914 Germany declares war on France and Russia; England declares war on Germany.
September 1914 Battle of the Marne stops German advance in France and leads to trench warfare on the Western front.
1916 Battles of Verdun and Somme confirm military stalemate in France.
March 1917 Revolution in Russia overthrows Tsar Nicholas II; provisional government takes power and continues the war.
April 1917 United States declares war on Germany.
November 1917 British issues "Balfour Declaration," promising support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
March 1918 Treaty of Brest-Litovsk ends war between Russia and Germany.
November 1918 (A) Collapse of German and Austrain Empires.
November 1918 (B) Armistice ends the fighting on the Western front.
March 1919 Western Allies complete the Versailles Treaty, creating new nations in eastern Europe; Germany is charged with "war guilt" and reparations.
1920 Treaty of Sèvres breaks up the Ottoman Empire and leads to British and French "mandates" in Middle East.
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