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Anatomy chapt. 12

bi/o life
derm/o, dermat/o skin
erythr/o red
hidr/o sweat
hirsut/o hairy, rough
kerat/o horny, hard, cornea
lip/o fat, lipid
melan/o black, dark
myc/o muscle
onych/o fingernail/toenail
pedicul/o louse, lice
rhytid/o wrinkle
seb/o sebum
urtic/o nettle, rash, hives
xer/o dry
squamous scale-like
basal layer the lowest layer of the epidermis
melanin dark brown to black pigment
ultraviolet light that is beyond the visible spectrum at the violent end
corium AKA dermis, is the thick layer of living tissue directly below the epidermis.
anticoagulant prevents blood clotting
adipose fat
cellulite a term sometimes used to describe deposits of dimpled fat.
fat cells AKA lipocytes, are predominant in the subcutaneous layer where they manufacture & store large quantities of fat
sudoriferous glands AKA sweat glands, are tiny, coiled glands found on almost all body surfaces
sweat AKA perspiration, is secreted by sweat glands & is made up of 99% water plus some salt & metabolic waste products.
sweating AKA perspiring, is one way in which the body excretes excess water
nail body is translucent, is closely molded to the surface of the underlying tissues.
nail bed joins the nail body to the underlying connective tissue, nourishes the nail.
free edge is the portion of the nail not attacted to the nail bed, extends beyond the tip of the finger or toe.
lunula little moon
cuticle little skin
plastic surgeon AKA cosmetic surgeon, is a physician who specializes in the surgical restoration & reconstruction of body structures
plastic surgical repair
acne AKA acne vulgaris, is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by pustular eruptions of the skin caused by an overproduction of sebum
vulgaris a Latin term meaning common
comedo a noninfected lesion formed by the buildup of sebum & keratin in a hair follicle
seborrhea overactivity of the sebaceous glands that results in the production of an excessive amount of sebum
dandruff a form of seborrheic dermatitis
cradle cap scalp rash in infants
diaphoresis profuse sweating
miliara AKA heat rash & prickly heat, is an intensely itchy rash caused by blockage of the sweat glands by bacteria & dead cells
night sweats AKA sleep hyperhidrosis, is the occurrence of excessive hyperhidrosis during sleep
folliculitis an inflammation of the hair follicles
hirsutism the presence of excessive body & facial hair in women, usually occuring in a male pattern
alopecia AKA baldness, is the partial or complete loss of hair, most commonly on the scalp
areata occurring in patches
capitis head
universalis total
kollonychia AKA spoon nail, is a malformation of the nails in which the outer surface is concave or scooped out like a bowl of a spoon
onychia AKA onychitis, is an inflammation of the matrix of the nail that usually results in the loss of the nail
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