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100 science words

100 sceince words for the science TAKS

absorb soak up water
adaptation change that helps an organism live in its environment
advantage something that helps
apply put together with
avoid go around
buildup build higher
burrow dig
characteristic something about; something that describes
community many populations of organisms living together
compare look for similarities
conduct to let energy pass through
data information gathered from an experiment
diagram drawing
determine find out
effect what happened
cause what made it happen
energy the ability to change matter
equal the same
evaporate when liquid changes to a gas
except all but
farther going more than
features characteristics
float stay above water
habitat dwelling, living space
identical the same
indicate point to; show
inherit get from your parents
label print on
mass amount of matter in an object
balance tool used to measure mass
melt solid changing to a liquid
mixture substance made of two or more other substances
moist wet
murky dark
nearest closest
observe look at
organism living thing
produce make
property characteristic
reflect bounce
refract light bends
Created by: vcendris