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gmarez.MED1010 H

Vocabulary Words (A-17, A-18)

Dx diagnosis
ECG electrocardiogram
ED erectile dysfunction
EEG electroencephalogram
EENT eye,ear, nose, and throat
EKG electrocardiogram (means the same as ECG)
ENT ear, nose, and throat
ERT strogen replacement therapy
ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate
F Fahrenheit
FACP Fellow of the American College of Physicians
FACS Fellow of the American College of Surgeions
FBS fasting blood sugar
Fe iron
FOB fetal occult blood
FSH follicle-stimulating hormone
FTT failure to thrive
FUO fever of undetermined origin
Fx fracture
GC gonorrhea
GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease
GH growth hormone
GI gastrointestinal
GSW gunshot wound
GTT glucose tolerance test
GU genitourinary
GYN gynecology
H&H hemoglobin and hematocrit
H&P history and physical examination
H2O water
HBV hepatitis B virus
HCT,Hct hematocrit
Hg mercury
HGB,Hgb hemoglobin
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
HPV human papillomavirus
HRT hormone replacement therapy
hs hours to sleep (bed time)
HSV-2 herpes simplex virus Type 2
ht height
HTN hypertension (elevated PB)
Hx history
I&D incision and drainage
I&O intake and output
IBD inflammatory bowel disease
IBS irritable bowel syndrome
ICU intensive care unit
IM intramuscular
IUD intrauterine device
IV intravenous
IVC intravenous cholangiogram
K potassium (or also kt)
kg kilogram
KUB kidney, ureter, and bladder X-ray
L liter
L&D labor and delivery
lac laceration
LASIK laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis
lat lateral
LH luteinizing hormone
LLQ left lower quadrant
LMP last menstraul period
LPN licensed practical nurse
LUQ left upper quadrant
LVN licensed vocational nurse
MD muscular dystrophy (also medical Doctor)
MRI magnetic resonance imaging
MRSA methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus
MS multiple sclerosis
MVP mitral valve prolapse
N&V nausea and vomiting
Na sodium
NA nursing assistant
NaCI sodium chloride (salt)
NG nasogastric
NICU neonatal intensive care unit
NPO nothing by mouth
NS normal saline
O2 oxygen
OA osteorthritis
OB obstetrics
Created by: Giselda Marez