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Lesson 26

Lesson 26/Integumentary System

/ence (noun) property of
/is (noun) ? condition
/ive (adjective) characterized by
/plakia patch
/reflexive having reflexes
/rrheic relating to flow
/sensitivity state of being susceptible to
AIDS, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome disease due to infection with HIV virus
alopecia hair loss
an/o anus
annul/o ring
apo/ separation or derivation from
arrector pili raised hair
auscultation act of listening for sounds within the body
bull/o bulla/bullae (large blister/ing on the skin surface)
burs/o bursa/bursae (large sac lined with synovial [lubricating] membrane & fluid located in areas of the body subject to friction
butterfly rash symptom of SLE (lupus)
cafe au lait tan skin spots
cellul/o at a cell level, within the cells
chlor/o green
condyl/o knuckle, wart lesion
corne/o corneum in the skin, cornea in the eye
cortic/o cortex, shell or outer layer
cuticul/o cuticle, surface layer of skin, teeth and hair
cyan/o blue
decubit/o lying down, decubitus
dermat/o skin, dermis
ecchym/o bruise, pour out
eczemat/o eczema lesions; thick, scaly, weeping, crusty sores
erysipelas acute cutaneous inflammatory disease
erythema flushing, skin redness
erythrasma an eruption of redish-brown patches
eschar/o eschar, sloughed dead tissue
fasci/o facia, connective tissue
foli/o, foliat/o leaf, in scales or layers
follicul/o follicle
furuncul/o furuncle (localized pyogenic infection originating deep in the hair)
hidr/o sweat
hygien/o health
impetigo primary pyogenic (pus-forming) infection of the skin
indurat/o abnormally hardened
ischi/o ischium, a pelvic bone
keloid mass of scar tissue in the dermis
kerat/o, keratin/o horny, hardening, becoming horny
lacerate traumatic cut or tear
lentig/o freckle
lichenification formation of lichen skin disease
Lyme disease inflammatory disorder contracted and caused by ticks
macul/o spot, macule
malaise general feeling of discomfort or uneasiness
medull/o medulla or innermost
melan/o black
membran/o membrane
mili/o tiny nodules
monili/o necklace, string of beads, candida infection
MVA, motor vehicle administration MCA, motorcycle accident ?
myc/o fungus
nev/o mole
nodul/o nodule
onych/o nail
papill/o papilla, papillae (any small nipplelike process or papilla of dermis-superficial projections of the dermis that contain vascular loops and specialized nerve endings, best developed in the hand and foot)
papul/o pimple, papule (small, circumscribed, solid elevation of the skin)
pemphig/o blister, pemphigus
petechi/o pinpoint hemorrhage, petechia
phot/o light
phylax/o, phylact/o guard
phym/o growth
phyt/o, /phyte plant, fungus
pil/o hair
plak/o patch
port wine stain a birthmark
prostat/o prostate
pruritus, pruritic itching
psori/a itch
pustul/o pustule (a small, circumscribed elevation of the skin containing purulent (pus) material
Raynaud's phenomenon spasm of the digital arteries
seb/o oil, wax, sebum
septic/o, septic infection or bacteria
SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus chronic inflammatory multisystemic disorder of connective tissue
spirochete An order of slender, flexuous, helically coiled bacteria, with one or more complete turns in the helix.
stern/o sternum or breast bone, sternal
stratum, strata, stratum, germinativum, stratum corneum layer
sud/o, sudor/i sweat
synovi/o, synovo synovium, synvvia, with egg, like egg white
syphil/o syphilis
system/o the body as a whole
tegument/o tegmen, covering
theli/o thelium, nipple, surface tissue layer
tine/o tinea, worm, ringworm
trich/o hair
trigin/o between skin folds
tympan/o drum, ear drum
ulcer break in the skin or membrane
urticaria eruption of itching wheals
venere/o transmitted by sexual contact
vernix caseosa substance which covers the skin of fetus and provides waterproof, protective cover
verruc/o wart, verruca vulgaris
vitiligo appearance of nonpigmented white patches
wheal edema of the skin, hives, welts
xanth/o yellow