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Medical Imaging

Doctor who specializes in the use of radiant energy to diagnose and treat dieases Radiologist
bones noninvasive
inspects internal structues of the body, guide catheters through arteries and veins fluoroscope
substance that allow internal images to be viewed contrast media
requires the introduction of contrast media into various system of the body invasive imaging
allergic reaction to iodine can be.. life threatening
involves using radionuclide source to treat tumors inside the body brachytherapy
ultrasound sonographer
arteriogram arteries
angiogram arteries and veins
intravenous pyelogram kidney, uterus, bladder
is an electromagnetic wave that has a wave length much shorter then visible light. x-ray
heartburn, regurgitation, and difficulty swallowing gastroesophageal reflux scan
produce diagnostic images of breast tissue with special mammography machines mammographer
mammograms are used to assist in early detection and treatment of breast cancer
allergic reaction anaphylaxis
protection from radiation led vest
ask what before doing an MRI on someone if they have any metal
ask what before injecting contrast allergies to food or drugs
oncology cancer
monitors radiation exposure radiation badge
maintain a safe distance of at least ___ft from the source of radiation 6
_____ clients find it difficult to remain in the tube claustrophobic
room where MRI is preformed must be magnet free
contains large electromagnetic fields MRI
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