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Stack #604759

Gerda malaperis Cxapitro 5

absurda absurd
ankoraux still, yet
atenti to watch out for, to pay attention
atento attention
cetere moreover, what's more, besides
cxi here (indicating proximity)
cxi tie, tie cxi here
da of
dramo drama
drogo drug
eta tiny
evidenta obvious, evident
for away
havi to have
imagi to fancy, to imagine
imago imagination, imagined image
iu some, a, any, anyone, someone, one
kasxe secretly
kasxi to hide, to conceal
normala normal
ofta frequent, often
ofte regularly, often, frequently
paro pair, couple
peco bit, piece, lump
plena full, complete
plene completely, fully
posxo pocket, clipboard
promeni to go for a walk, to stroll
pulvoro powder
sekundo second
subita sudden, abrupt
subite suddenly
substanco matter, stuff, substance
sukcesi to succeed
sukero sugar
super over, above
sxajni to appear to be, to seem
tiam then
tie over there, yonder, there
tiel thus, so, such
Created by: alcarohtare