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A&p ch 18 C

What does ADH do stimulates water reabsorption by distal & collecting tubules of kidneys
What does ADH do in large pharmacological doeses stimulates smooth muscle of blood vessels
What does a lack of ADH result in Diabetes. Insipidus{polyurea cant retain water}
ADH is produced by Hypothalmus
Where is oxytocin(OT) produced posterior pituarary gland
oxycotin is synthesized by neurons in paraventricular nucleus of hypothalmus
Oxycotin does what?? it stimulates the contractions of pregnant uterus & release of milk by lactating breast
What happens to ADH, if it has an increased extracellular fluid osmotic pressure decreased ADH secretion
A decreased ECF(extra cellular fliud) leads to what increased ADH secretion
What does stress lead to to an increase ADH secretion
what does stimulation of nipples by infant lead to increased oxycotin secretion, stretch receptors in cervix send impulses to hypothalamus during delivery
where are the thyroid glands located in the neck, below layrnx
what are the 2 lateral lobes connected by isthmus
The thyroid glands contains microscopic spherical sacs called thyroid follicles
how do follicular cells manufacture thyroid hormones by attaching iodine to the amino acid thyrosine
what produces calcitonin(CT) parafollicular or C cells
thyroid horomone(throxine-T) does what stimulate rate of oxygen consumption(metabolic rate of cells),regulates physical & mental development, development of sexual maturity
Calictonin is produced by what gland thyroid gland
Calictonin does what to the blood calcium concentrations decreases
hypothyrodism in adult of the thyroid gland is myxedemia(dry skin)
what is another name for hypothyrodism in infant of thyroid gland is cretinism
A lack of iodines can lead to a simple goiter
where are the parathryoid glands located attached to the posterior surface of thyroid glands
parathyroids are small round bodies usually 4 or 5 in #
parathyroid glands contain principal(chief) cells
what do the principal chief cells produce parathyroid hormone(parathormone)
how does parathyroid hormone increases blood calcium bone breakdown which releases calcium & phosphate into blood from bone, acclerating calcium absorption from kidneys tubules
parathyroid glands to act on kidneys to form?? Calictriol
Calictriol is an active form of Vitamin D
vitamin D acts on intestine to do what? to increase absorption of calcium, phosphate, & magnesium
what are the effects of hypersecertion on parathyroid gland decrease in bone mass with replacement by fibrous tissue; more easily fractured
what are the effects of hyposecretion on parathyroid gland produces hypocalcemia leading to muscle twitches, spasms, & convulsions(called tetany) may lead to death in few hours
Created by: toluwani