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PSAT S Word List

Word list for 2009-2010

saccharine excessively sweet or sentimental
sagacious shrewd
salient prominent or conspicuous
sallow sickly yellow in color
salubrious healthful
salutation greeting
sanction (n) permission, support; law, penalty
sanctuary haven, retreat
sanguine ruddy; cheerfully optimistic
sardonic cynical, scornfully mocking
satiate to satisfy
saunter to amble; walk in a leisurely manner
savant learned person
savory agreeable in taste or smell
scale (v) to climb to the top of
scintilla race amount
scintillate to sparkle, flash
scoff to deride, ridicule
score (n) notation for a musical composition
score (v) to make a notch or scratch
scrupulous restrained; honest; careful and precise
scrutiny careful observation
scurrilous vulgar, low, indecent
secular not specifically pertaining to religion
sedentary inactive, stationary; sluggish
seminal relating to the beginning or seeds of something
senescent aging, growing old
sentient aware, conscious, able to perceive
sequester to remove or set apart; put into seclusion
seraphic angelic, pure, sublime
serpentine serpentlike; twisting, winding
servile submissive, obedient
shard piece of broken glass or poetry
shirk to avoid a task due to laziness or fear
simper to smirk, smile foolishly
sinecure well-paying job or office that requires little or no work
singe to burn slightly, scorch
sinuous winding; intricate, complex
skeptical doubtful, questioning
skulk to move in a stealthy or cautious manner; sneak
slight to treat as unimportant; insult
sloth sluggishness, laziness
slough to discard or shed
slovenly untidy, messy
sobriety seriousness
sodden thoroughly soaked; saturated
sojourn visit, stay
solace comfort in distress; consolation
solicitous concerned, attentive; eager
soliloquy literary or dramatic speech by one character, not addressed to others
soluble capable of being solved and dissolved
somber dark and gloomy; melancholy, dismal
somnolent drowsy, sleepy; inducing sleep
sonorous producing a full, rich sound
sophistry deceptive reasoning or argumentation
sophomoric immature and overconfident
soporific sleepy or tending to cause sleep
sordid filthy; contemptible and corrupt
sovereign having supreme power
spartan austere, severe, grave; simple, bare
spontaneous on the spur of the moment, impulsive
sporadic infrequent
spurious lacking authenticity; counterfeit, false
spurn to reject or refuse contemptuously; scorn
squalid filthy; morally repulsive
squander to waste
staccato marked by abrupt, clear-cut sounds
staid self-restrained to the point of dullness
stand (n) group of trees
stark bare, empty, vacant
stifle to smother or suffocate; suppress
stipend allowance; fixed amount of money paid regularly
stockade enclosed area forming defensive wall
stoic indifferent to or unaffected by emotions
stolid having or showing little emotion
strident loud, harsh, unpleasantly noisy
stupefy to dull the sense of; stun, astonish
stymie to block or thwart
suave smoothly gracious or polite; blandly ingratiating
subjugate to conquer, subdue; enslave
sublime awe-inspiring; of high spiritual or moral value
subliminal subconscious; imperceptible
subterfuge trick or tactic used to avoid something
subterranean hidden, secret; underground
subtle hard to detect or describe; perceptive
subvert to undermine or corrupt
succinct terse, brief, concise
succulent juicy; full of vitality or freshness
suffragist one who advocates extended voting rights
sullen brooding, gloomy
sully to soil, stain, tarnish, taint
supercilious arrogant, haughty, overbearing, condescending
superficial hasty; shallow and phony
superfluous extra, more than necessary
supersede to take the place of; replace
supplicant one who asks humbly and earnestly
surfeit excessive amount
surly rude and bad-tempered
surmise to make an educated guess
surmount to conquer, overcome
surreptitious characterized by secrecy
susceptible vulnerable, unprotected
sybarite person devoted to pleasure and luxury
sycophant self-servicing flatterer, yes-man
syllabus outline of a course
symbiosis cooperation, mutual helpfulness
synopsis plot summary
synthesis blend, combination
Created by: rierei1971
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