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Flash Cards for Israel/Palestine Conflict

Who founded Zionism? Theodor Herzl
Official Israeli claim to land Balfour Declaration
Official Palestinian claim to land McMahon Correspondence
Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu
Leader of Palestinian Authority Abbas
What political party rules Israel? Likud Party
What two countries met at Camp David Accords? Egypt and Isreal
Camp David Accords - Israel leader Begin
Camp David Accords - Egypt leader Sadat
When did the Camp David Accords happen? 1979
Oslo Accords - who met? Arafat and Rabin
When did Oslo Accords happen? 1993
What happened due to Oslo Accords? Government for Palestine, Palestinian Authority, created
Who was leader of Israel for Oslo Accords? Rabin
Who was leader for Palestine for Oslo Accords? Arafat
When did the Intifadas happen? 1987 and 2000
PLO? Palestinian Liberation Organization
When was Israel War of Independence? 1948
When was Six Days war? 1967
When was Suez Campaign? 1956
When was Yom Kippur War? 1973
Two Palestinian political parties? Fatah and Hamas
When did the United Nations make a plan to split land? 1948
Significance of Camp David Accords? first ever peace treaty with Israel and Arab nation
Who was US president for Camp David Accords? Jimmy Carter
The meet up in Israel with Egypt... who was involved? Sadat (Egypt) and Begin (Israel)
Who is president of Palestinian Authority? Abbas
What political party is Abbas a part of? Fatah
Created by: unknownstudent
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