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ITC Test

ITC SWE Study Guide

When configuring a printer on a network, you must assign the printer a______? TCP/IP Port
Which port on the HDSL does the RJ45 plug into? Line Plug
What is the proper label for NON Plenum cable? MPR or CMR
What is the proper label for Plenum cable? CMP
Where is DMT managed? Tiscom
What is the minimum gauge for a ground? 6 AWG
What color are compressed NTFS files? Blue
What is the minimum OHMS for a ground? 25 OHMS
Is fiber optic cladding less or more refactive? Less.... The refractive index of the core must be greater than that of the cladding
Which UPS continuously powers the protected load from its reserves and uses AC power to replenish the reserves? On-Line UPS
Who manages SIPRNET? DISA
What is DISA? Defense Information Systems Agency
What is DITSCAP? Defense information technology security certifiation and accrediation process
On an HDSL modem, Shores control setting is? Master
On an HDSL modem, ships control setting is? Slave
A technique used to manipulate people into performing actions or divulging confidentaial information to gain access to computer system? Social Engineering
The color of the wire insulation between the TMGB and the TBB shall be clearly marked with a distintive _____ color. Green
The cable suspended in the air on poles or other overhead structures? Aerial cable
Event view consists of what THREE logs? System, Application and Security
Where can the "Out of License" error be found? Event Viewer
In backup Exec, if a backup were not labeled, how by default would it run? Normal or Full
If disabled, _________ logging will accumulate until full or incremental back is done. Circular
What file initiates virus updates when you log on? Log On Command
What is a form of testing a network connection? PING
What protocol does PING command use? TCP/IP Protocol
How many replies should you get back from an PING command? 4 Replies
What is the maximum number of hops that a TRACRT will give back? 30 Hops Max
What controls what the user has the ability to see or customize on their desktop? System Policy
What RUN command can administrators modify Group Policy? GPEdit.msc
What protocol allows auto TCP/IP for work station builds? DHCP
What are the black boxes at logon? Logon Script/Logon.cmd
What application do you use to configure DHCP? DHCP Manager
After restoring a shared folder from a backup, what do you need to do? Restore the share
What do you use to connect to LANS with the same protocol? Router
What is the speed of an ISDN? 2 channels at 64kbps
What color might a T-1 be marked at the DMARC by the Telco? Red
A T-3 is equivalent to how many T-1's? 28 T1's
What is the advantage of multi-mode fiber over signal mode fiber? Lower cost of coupling
A cable for an IDE controller has one red stripe to indicate? That is where pin1 / power is located
What color is multi-mode fiber? Orange
What color is single-mode fiber? Yellow
How should fiber optics be designated as a fiber on a label? OF
If you hold a light meter 3' off the floor, what is the minimum amount of light allowed? 50 foot candles
What topology does the Coast Guard Use? Star Topology
With a group start circuit, what needs a temporary ground to receive dial tone? Tip
What is the color code for a PBX? Purple
What is the color code for a DEMARC? Orange
What is the color code for a Network? Green
What is the color code for a First Level Backbone? White
What is the color code for a Second Level Backbone? Grey
What is the color code for a Horizontal Cabling? Blue
what is the color code for Interbuilding Backbone? Brown
what is the color code for Misc Cabling? Yellow
What does Call Acounting Do? Logs Incoming and Outgoing calls
What is Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) associated with? Call Distribution
What does Call Distribution do? Monitoring, queuing and directing of incoming calls
What does Auto Attendent Do? routes incoming calls based on a preset menu structure
An Erlang is equal to ______ of telephone use? 1 Hour
What are the minimum standards that cable must be if run in an air return system? Plenum
What cryptography format does the Coast Guard use for Outlook? S/MIME
What Hash Algorithm does the Coast Guard use for Outlook? SHA1
What Encryption algorithm is used by the Coast Guard in Outlook? 3DES
What does a chassis ground symbol look like? Upside down pitch fork
How many pairs are required for a 4 wire E&M circuit? 3 pair, 6 wires
How many Erlangs are in 12 Centi Call Seconds (CSS)? .333, 1 Erlang=36 css
How many minutes is in .5 Erlang's or 18 CSS? 30 Minutes
What is the TIA/EIA section for Grounding and Bonding? 607
What is the maximum amount of outlet boxes you can feed from a single conduit home run? 3
On a POTS circuit, what should the current read? 20-80 ma
What are two forms of addressing on a Loop start? DTMF (Dual tone Multi Frequency) and DP (Dial Pulse)
What is the AIS security Manual? M5500.13A
What dB level requires double/single hearing protection? Double 104 dB, single 84 dB
If two batteries are in series, each 12 volt 2 amp, what will the voltage and amperage be if combined? 24 volt, 2 amp
What is the Maximum distance for twisted pair horizontal cabling? 295'
What are the most common types of fiber optic connectors used by the Coast Guard? ST or SC
What is the maximum db loss for fiber? .75dB
What will not cause a fiber micro bend? Water Damage
After making a change in WINS, when does the change take effect? Immediately
What does DAA stand for? Designated Accrediting Authority and or Designated Approval Authority
What are two methods for removing cladding from the core? Mechanical and Chemical
The C: Drive on a dell server uses what kind of fault tolerance? Raid 1 (Mirror)
The D: drive on a dell server uses what kind of fault tolerance? Raid 5 (Stripe with Parity)
What is the name of the database that contains all hardware and software configurations? The registry
The SIPRNet management Office is located _______? TISCOM
What signaling method does POTS Use? Ground Start
Ground Stop is used to stop ____? Glare
How long is 18 CSS? 30mins
What layer in the OSI model contains media access control? Layer 2 (Data Link Layer)
Which exchange database contains the VIP mailboxes? DB1
What controls a user's access to files and Folders? Permissions
Which Log in event viewer shows logon attempts and failures? Security Log
What type of UPS remains off until power is lost, then switching over equipment to itself? Offline UPS
What file holds virtual memory? pagefile.sys
How many DHCP servers does the Coast Guard use? 6
What are the 5 common pair counts of twisted pair cable before it gets to 25? 4, 6, 12, 15, or 25
Which coast guard domain is WELL connected to the CGDN+? Main Domain
Home drive letter defaults in ADUC to ____? Z:
What COMDT Instruction manages SIPRNET? 2070.2
What Coast guard Helpdesk supports SIPRNET? SMO
What is the verison interface card for HDSL Modem? V.35
The security of a users digital signature system is dependent on maintaing the secrecy of a users ____? Private Key
What Branch of mathematics based on the transformation of data? Cryptography
What is the mathematical function used for encryption or depcryption? Algorythm
How many hard drives does a poweredge 4600 have standard? 8
What key enters the setup menu at bootup? F2
What level administrator is required to create computers in ADUC? tier-2 or higher
How many Ethernet ports are on a server? 3
Do all NIC cards need to be plugged in before boot up/ Yes
What TIA/EIA standard gives guidance on Administration standards for Telco infrastructure on commercial buildings? 606
What does LTO stand for? Linear Tape-Open
HDSL stands for? High Bit Rate Digital Subsriber Line
BERT stands for? Bit Error test rate
What test method for digital communications circuits that uses predetermined stress patterns comprising of a sequesnce of logical ones and zeroes? BERT
Are nicknames authorized in CG Naming Standards? NO
Are Apostrophe's authorized in CG Naming Standards? NO
Will name suffixes (JR, SR) be used in CG naming Standards? NO
Windows system components such as drivers are recorded in what log? System Log
What type of backup takes the longest to run? Normal
What type of backup takes the shortest time to run? Incremental
What type of backup only backs up new or changed files and resets the archive bit? Incremental
What type of backup only backs up new or changed files but DOES NOT reset archive bit? Differntial
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