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Nail Tech Indiana

Study for the state board exam in Indiana

What shape is a buffer block? Rectangle
Most common type of skin cancer? Basal cell carcinoma
____ can be caused by nail psoriasis. Pits
You can lessen hunger by: drinking a glass of water
Pinkish-white skin that will not tan is a sign of: Albinism
The skeletal system includes ____ bones. 206
Which ions are measured by the pH scale? those that have naturally ionized into hydrogen ions or hydroxide ions
Which part of the cell receives messages from other neurons? Dendrites
Fastest nail growth occurs: summer
Products used to soften cuticles are: cuticle removers
The nerve (and it's branches) that supply the fingers digital
Fascia, ligaments, fat and tendons are what kind of tissue: Connective Tissue
How much margin should be left between a wrap and the sidewalls or eponychium to prevent direct contact? 1/16th of an inch
Metal band that surrounds the brush and helps secure the bristles: ferrule
Incorporating your business helps: protect your personal assets
A client's chair should: provide back support
Over-loaded circuits can cause: Fires, burns & electrical shock
A free-standing, fully plumbed pedicure unit: pedicure throne
Oligomers are between ___ and ___: a liquid & a solid
You should never ___ ___ an electrical cord. step on
An acrylic (methacrylate) bead is made by: dipping the brush in liquid, then in powder
Pulling the brush across the nail creates: fluid strokes
A resume should be ________ in length. one to two pages
Gels are hardened by applying a drop of _____ over the gel nail. activator
3 types of nail primer: acid-based, non-acid & acid-free
Toe separators: separate the toes while applying polish
How much odor do UV gel nails emit during application? Very little odor
Which type of nail enhancement is best for natural nails? UV gels
What type of current do appliances such as flashlights, cell phones and cordless drills use? direct current
Using a proper mixture of powder and liquid ensures proper set and maximum ______. durability
What determines toxicity? OVEREXPOSURE
Use a ______ grit abrasive when contouring a UV gel nail. medium
What causes the sticky surface on UV gel nails? Oligomers
Involves repeating back what a client says, using different words: Reflective listening
How do you know when UV bulbs need changing? By the length of time they have been in use
When are nail enhancements ready to be filed and shaped? If they make a clicking sound when tapped with the brush handle
How should the stream of paint look when airbrushing properly? nearly invisible
Non-disposable implements should be _____ in disinfectant solution. fully immersed
If the UV gel product is exposed to sunlight, full-spectrum light or UV lamp before you are ready to cure the gel nail, it will: harden
Paraffin wax: petroleum by-product
What are 3 ways to aid adhesion? Proper technique, high quality products, washing the hands and nail plate
The midsection of the brush bristles: belly
Gold leaf sheeting: Nugget sheet
When airbrushing, nozzle should be: 2-3 inches from the nail
Buffing bits: Chamois, leather or goat's hair
Study of anatomy: structures of the body that can be seen with the naked eye
Characteristics of nail psoriasis: roughness, random pits, ragged free edge, evenly spaced rows of pits, yellow/red spots under the nail plate
Significantly reducing the number of pathogens by removing debris and using warm, soapy water: Sanitization
The amount of electricity consumed by UV bulbs Wattage
Any substance that conducts electricity: conductor
Could be caused by the excessive vibration of an electric file carpal tunnel syndrome
The ideal way to clip toenails: even with the end of the toe
Primary colors red, blue & yellow
How do you relieve the pressure caused by an ingrown toenail? Gently curve the corners of the nail
The 4 color classifications of the color wheel are: Primary, secondary, tertiary & complementary
Which fabric nail wrap becomes transparent when adhesive is applied? silk
A keyless chuck feature is beneficial because: it is easier to change bits
Using nippers to pry off acrylic nail enhancements will likely damage the: Nail plate
The first coat of UV gel applied: base coat gel
A preliminary exam of your client's feet or hands is important for: The safety of the client, those around you and yourself
It is possible to contract HIV through: an accidental needle stick, sharing needles and sexual contact with an infected person
All electrical appliances should be inspected: regularly to ensure they are in safe working order
Flakes caused by dryness or dandruff are called: scales
Onychocryptosis Ingrown nail
A polish application leaving 1/16th" margin on each side of the nail plate: Slimline
Leukonychia is characterized by: white spots not related to poor health
What system involves the heart, veins, arteries and capillaries? Circulatory system
Higher quality diamond bits: are more consistent because the particles are more uniform in size
Nail polish hardens through: evaporation
Remove natural oil and shine with: an abrasive
The medical name for foot fungus: tinea pedis
A square nail is filed: straight across
The pulmonary circulation system and the ______ are responsible for carrying blood throughout the body. systemic circulation system
The end of the brush bristles: the tip
Describe cross-linking agents: rungs of a ladder
Killing all organisms on a surface is: sterilization
Artificial nail tips are made of: Tenite acetate polymer or ABS
The right size nail tip will: cover the nail from sidewall to sidewall
Is odorless monomer vapor free? No
Created by: Esthetician
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