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Cells and Tissue

Adipose Fat
Anaphase A stage in mitosis when duplicate chromosomes move to opposite poles of cell.
Areolar Connective tissue consisting of fibers and a variety of cells embedded in a loose matrix of soft, stiky gel.
Axon nerve fiber. Conducts a nerve impulse away from the neuron cell body.
A cell's "Protein Factories" that synthesizes proteins and consturcted mostly of ribosomal (RNA), which may be free floating or attached. Ribosomes
A network of interconnected membranes that form flattened sacs, elongated canals, and fluid filled vesicles.` Endoplasmis Reticulum
What is the difference between rough ER and smooth ER? Rough ER has ribosomes attached to the membrane which helps create synthesized proteins. Smooth ER lacks ribosomes but it synthesizes lipids and certain carbohydrates.
What is the main job of the rough ER? Transport proteins.
Where is the golgi apparatus located? Near the nucleus.
What is the Golgi apparatus' main job? This is known as the packing plant. The Golgi Apparatus packages protein molecules for transport and secretion through vesicles.
Two membranous sac that is the energy producer of the cell, also known as the "Power Plant"? Mitochondria
These digestive bags contain enzymes that can digest food compounds as well as substances other than food. Lysosomes
Helps distribute chromosomes to new cells during cell division. Centrosome (Centrioles)
Why is osmosis, dialysis, and filtration considered passive transport processes? No cellular energy is expended in the transport process.
What eight organelles are found in a cell's cytoplasm? Ribosomes, Endoplasmis Reticulum, golgi apparatus, mitochondria, lysosomes, centrioles, cilia, and flagella
Name two cell structures that contain DNA. Mitochondrion and Chromatin.
Name two type of transport processes. Passive transport and Active transport.
Diffusion of water molecules into and out of cells to correct imbalances in water concentration is and example of what type of passive transportation? Osmosis
A cube of sugar evenly distributing sugar throughout a liquid is an example of what type of passive transportation? Diffusion
In the kidney, movement of water and small solutes from blood vessels but lack of movement by blood proteins and blood cells which begins the formation of urine is an example of what type of passive transport? Filtration.
In active transport there are two types of passive transportation, diffusion and filtration. Give two types of diffusion. Osmosis and dialysis.
What is the name of the chemical substance that obtains the energy required for active transport processes? Adenosine triphosphate or (ATP)
When there is an equal amount of salt in a cell and a solution what is this called? Isotonic
In a hypertonic solution what happens to a cell? The solution has more salt than the cell which causes water to move out of the cell and cause the cell to shrink (causing crenation).
In a hypotonic solution what happens to a cell? Since the cell has more salt than the solution the water will move into the cell causing the cell to expand.
What is the difference between filtration and diffusion? In filtration movement occurs from area of high press to area of low pressure. Whereas in diffusion movement occurs from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.
Name three types of osmosis. Isotonic(Equal Movement), Hypertonic (More Salt), and Hypotonic (Less Salt)
In what part of the body does filtration occur? Kidneys
In this process energy is required for this movement and is obtained through ATP from the mitochondria. Active Transport
What is the major difference between phagocytosis and pincocytosis? In pincocytosis a liquid is engulfed into cells by pinching off a compartment inside the cell to move through the plasma membrane and in phagocytosis a particle is pinched off inside cells in a compartment to move through the membrane.
All human cells that reproduce do so by what process? Mitosis
What two nucleic acids play a crucial role in protein synthesis? Ribonucleic acid(RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
Name the five phases of cell division. Interphase, PROPHASE, METAPHASE, ANAPHASE, TELOPHASE.
In this phase of mitosis the nucleous goes away. prophase because protection leaves.
At the end of this phase two daughter cells are created. Telophase because daughters like to talk on the phone.
In this phase the cleavage furrow appears and chromosomes move away from the center. Anaphase because Anna's cleavage appears,
In this phase chromosomes align across the center of the cell. Metaphase because the have a meeting.
This is the phase where cell replication is taking place just before mitosis. Interphase
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