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A&P ch 18 A

AP ch 18

what system is composed of glands that pour secretion into blood instead of into ducts i.e ductless Endocrine system
what system produces rapid, short-lasting responses whereas hormones have a slower, long-lasting effect. Nervous system
what are target organ cells cells that are acted on and respond to hormones that contain receptors
what are local hormones act on neighboring cells or on the same cells that secreted without first entering the blood stream
what are paracrines local hormones that act on neighboring cells
what are autocrines local hormones that act on the same cell that secreted them
what is the main function of the endocrine system to maintain homeostasis
what are the 2 classes of hormones water & Lipid Soluble
what does Lipid include steroid, thyroid hormones & Nitric Oxide
steroids are structurally similar to what ?? Cholesterol
what is nitric oxide made up of hormones & neurotransmitter
Water soluble include amine, peptide, protein eicosanoid hormone.
Amine hormone are structurally similar to Amino acids
Amine hormone are released by adrenal medulla, thyroid & Pineal gland
Amine are synthesized from ??? amino acid tyrosine
Peptide hormone are ?? chains of amino acid
Peptide hormone are secreted by ?? hypothalamus, pituitary gland, heart thymus,digestive tract & Pancreas
What are eioscaniods ?? small molecules with 5-carbon ring @ one end
Eioscaniods includes what ? Prostaglandins & leakotrienes are imp pacrine factors
What needs to happen for a hormone to affect target cell it needs the appropriate receptors
hormones & cell membrane- water soluble cant? penetrate cell membrane
hormones act as ?? 1st messenger that causes appearance of 2nd messenger in cytoplasm
2nd messenger serve as ?? enzyme activator, inhibitor, or cofactor( net result is change of various metabolic reactions
What are the most imp 2nd messenger cyclic AMP, cyclic GMP, & calcium ions
what is amplification binding of hormone to receptors may lead to releasing of thousands of 2nd messenger
What is the link between the 1st & 2nd messenger ?? G protein
what is the G protein an integral membrane protein that interacts with the membrane receptors
Two hormones may have theses characteristics opposing or antagonistic effect, additive or synergistic effects
one hormone may have permissive effect on another,1st hormone is needed for second to produce its effect Tropic Hormone
what is negative feedback common method for hormonal control, low level of substance may cause release of hormone
Insulin moves glucose in the cell
Glucagon move sugar out of cell
Thyroid stimulating hormone TCH, tropic hormones produce by pituitary gland
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