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medical transcription course

abodmin abdomen
abort to miscarry
absorpt to suck in
acant a thorn
acetabul vinegar cup
acid acid
acoust hearing
acr; acr/o extremity, point
act acting
actin ray
aden; adeno gland
adhes stuck to
adip fat
agglutinat clumping
agon agony
agor/a marketplace
albin white
albumin protein
alimentat nourishment
all other
alveol small, hollow air sac
ambyl dull
ambul to walk
amni/o lamb
ampere ampere
amputat to cut through
amyl starch
anastom opening
andr; andr/o man
ang; ang/i; angi/o vessel
angin to choke, quinsy
ankyl stiffening, crooked
an/o anus
anter/i toward the front
anthrac coal
aort; aort/o aorta
append appendix
arachn spider
arche beginning
arter; arter/i; arteri/o artery
arthr; arthr/o joint
artific/i not natural
aspirat to draw in
atel; atel/o imperfect
ather; ather/o fatty substance; porridge
atri; atri/o atrium
aud/i; audi/o to hear
auditor hearing
aur; aur/i ear
auscultat listen to
aut self
axill armpit
bacter/i bacteria
balan glans penis
bartholin Bartholin's glands
bas/o base
bil; bil/i bile, gall
bi/o life
blast/o germ cell
blephar; blephar/o eyelid
bol to cast, throw
brach/i arm
bronch; bronch/i; bronch/o bronchi
bronchiol bronchiole
bucc cheek
burs a pouch
calc lime, calcium
calc/i calcium
calcan/e heel bone
cancer crab
capn smoke
capsul a little box
carcin; canrcin/o cancer
card; card/i; cardi/o heart
carp; carp/o wrist
cartil gristle
castr to prune
caud tail
cause hear
cavit cavity
celi abdomen, belly
cellul little cell
centr; centr/i centre
cephal head
cept receive
cerebell; cerebell/o little brain
cerebr/o cerebum
cervic cervix, neck
cheil lip
chem/o chemical
chlor/o green
chol; chole; chol/e gall, bile
choledoch/o common bile duct
chondr; chondr/o cartilage
chord cord
chori/o chorion
choroid; choroid/o choroid
chromat; chrom/o colour
chym juice
cine; cinemat/o motion
ciruclat circular
cirrh; cirrh/o orange/yellow
cis to cut
claudicat to limp
clavicul little key
cleid/o clavicle
coagul; coagulat to clot
coccyg/e; coccyg/o tailbone
cochle/o land snail
coit a coming together
col; col/o; colon; colon/o colon
coll/a glue
collis neck
colp/o vagina
concuss shaken violently
condyle knuckle
con/i dust
conjunctiv to join together
connect to bind together
constipat to press together
continence to hold
cor pupil
coriat corium
corne cornea
corpor; corpor/e body
cortic; cortis cortex
cost; cost/o rib
cox hip
cran/i; crani/o skull
creat flesh
creatin flesh, creatine
crine; crin/o to secrete
crur leg
cry/o cold
crypt hidden
cubit elbow, to lie
culd/o cul-de-sac
curie curie
cutane skin
cyan dark blue
cycl; cycl/o ciliary body
cyst; cyst/o bladder, sac
cyt; cyth; cyt/o cell
dacry tear
dactyl; dactyl/o finger or toe
defecat to remove dregs
dem people
dendr/o tree
dent; dent/i tooth
derm; derm/a; dermat; dermat/o; derm/o skin
dextr/o to the right
diast to expand
didym testis
digit finger or toe
dilat to widen
disk a disk
dist away from the point of origin
diverticul diverticula
dors; dors/i backward
duct to lead
duoden duodenum
dur; dur/o dura, hard
dwarf small
dynam power
ech/o echo
ectop displaced
eg/o I, self
ejaculat to throw out
electr/o electricity
eme to vomit
embol to cast, to throw
emulsificat disintergrate
encephal; encephal/o brain
enchyma to pour
enter intestine
enucleat to remove the kernel of
eosin/o rose-coloured
episi/o vulva; pudenda
equ/i equal
erget; erg/o work
eructat a breaking out
erysi; erythr/o red
esophag/e; esophag/o esophagus
esthesi/o feeling
estr/o mad desire
eti/o cause
eunia a bed
excret sifted out
f(erat) to bear
fasc; fasci/o a band (fascia)
femor femur
fenestrat window
fibr fibrous tissue, fiber
fibrillat fibrils ( small fibers)
fibrin/o; fibr/o fiber
fibul fibula
filtrat to strain through
fixat fastened
flex to bend
fluor/o fluorescence
foc focus
follicul little bag
format a shaping
fungat mushroom, fungus
fus to pour
galact/o milk
ganglion knot
gastr; gastr/o stomach
gen; gene; genet formation, produce
genital belonging to birth
gen/o kind
ger old age
gest to carry
gester to bear
gigant giant
gingiv gums
glandul little acorn
gli; gli/o glue
glob; globul globe
globin globule
glomerul; glomerul/o glomerulus, little ball
gloss/o tongue
gluc/o; glyc; glycos sweet, sugar
glyc/o glucose, sweet, sugar
gonad seed
goni/o angle
gon/o genitals
granul/o little grain, granular
gravida pregnant
gryp curve
gynec/o female
halat breathe
hallux great (big) toe
hem; hemat; hemat/o; hem/o blood
hemorrh vein liable to bleed
hepat; hepat/o liver
herni/o hernia
hidr sweat
hirsut hairy
hist/o tissue
hol/o whole
horizont horizon
humer humerus
hydr water
hymen hymen
hypn sleep
hyster; hyster/o womb, uterus
icter jaundice
ile; ile/o; ileum
ili; ili/o ilium
illus foot
immun/o safe, immunity
infarct infarct (necrosis of an area)
infect infection
infer/i below
inguin groin
insul; insulin/o insulin
integument covering
intern within
ionizat; ion (going)
ion/o; iont/o; ion
irid; irid/o iris
isch to hold back
ischi ischium
is/o equal
jaund yellow
kal potassium
kary/o cell's nucleus
kel tumour
kerat cornea
kerat/o horn, cornea
keton ketone
kil/o a thousand
kinet motion
kyph a hump
labi lip
labyrinth; labyrinth/o maze
lacrim tear
lamin lamina, thin plate
lamp(s) to shine
lapar/o flank, abdomen
laryng; laryng/e; laryng/o larynx
later side
laxat to loosen
lei/o smooth
lemma rind, sheath, husk
lent lens
lept seizure
letharg drowsiness
leuk; leuk/o white
levat lifter
libr/i balance
lingu tongue
lip; lipid; lip/o fat
lith; lith/o stone
lob; lob/o lobe
lobul small lobe
locat to place
log study
log/o word
lopec fox mange
lord bending
lucent to shine
lumb;lumb/o loin
lump lump
lun moon
lymph; lymph/o lymph, clear fluid
malign bad kind
mamm/o breast
mandibul lower jawbone
man/o thin
mast; mast/o breast
masticat to chew
maxill jawbone
maxilla jaw
maxim greatest
meat; meat/o passage
med middle
medi toward the middle
medull; medull/o marrow
melan; melan/o black
men; men/o month
mening membrane (meninges)
mening/i; mening/o membrane
menise crescent
ment mind
mes; mes/o middle
mester month
metr to measure, womb, uterus
metr/i womb, uterus
micturit to urinate
miliar millet (tiny)
minim least
mi/o less, smaller
mit thread
mitr mitral valve
mnes memory
mucos; mucus mucous
muscul; muscul/o muscle
muta; mutat to change
my; my/o; my/os muscle
myc; myc/o fungus
mydriat dilation, widen
myel bone marrow, spinal cord
myel/o marrow
myring; myring/o drum membrane
myx mucus
narc/o numbness
nas/o nose
nat; nat/o birth
necr; necr/o death
nephr; nephr/o kidney
neur; neur/i; neur/o nerve
neutr/o neither
nid nest
noct night
nom law
norm rule
nucl nucleus
nucle kernel, nucleus
nyctal blind
nystagm to nod
occlus to shut up
ocul eye
odont tooth
olecran elbow
onc/o tumour
onych; onych/o nail
o/o ovum, egg
oophor ovary
opt; opt/o; opthalm; opthalm/o eye
or mouth
orch; orchid; orchid/o testicle
organ organ
orth; orth/o straight
oscill; oscill/o to swing
oste; oste/o bone
ot; ot/o ear
ovar; ovul; ovulat ovary
ox; ox/i oxygen
oxy sour, sharp, acid
pachy thick
pancreat pancreas
paque dark
palat/o palate
palliat cloaked
pallid/o globus, pallidus
palm palm
palpitat throbbing
papill papilla
para to bear
paralyt to disable, paralysis
partum labor
parturit in labor
patell kneecap. patella
path; path/o disease
pause cessation
pector chest
pectortat breast
ped; ped/i foot, child
pedicul a louse
pelv/i pelvis
pen; penile penis
pept to digest
perine perineum
periton/e peritoneum
phac; phac/o lens
phag; phag/o to eat, engulf
phak lentil, lens
phalang/e closely knit row
pharyng; pharyng/o pharynx
phas speech
phen/o to show
phe/o dusky
phim a muzzle
phleb, phleb/o vein
phon; phone voice
phon/o sound
phor carrying
phos; phot/o light
phragm, phragmat/o partition
phras speech
physic; physi/o nature
pil/o hair
pine pine cone
pineal pineal body
pin/o to drink
pituitar phlegm
plak plate
plasma a thing formed, plasma
plast a developoing
pleur; pleura; pleur/o pleura
plicat to fold
pneum/o lung, air
pneumon lung
poiet formation
poli/o gray
pollex thumb
por a passage
porphyr purple
poster/i behind, toward the back
prand/i meal
presby old
press to press
proct; proct/o anus, rectum
prolif fruitful
prophylact guarding
prostat prostate
prosth/e an addition
prot/e first
proxim near the point of origin
prurit itching
pshych; psych/o mind
pudend external genitals
pulm/o; pulmon; pulmonar lung
pupill pupil
purpur purple
py; py/o pus
pyel; pyel/o renal pelvis
pylor pylorus, gate keeper
pyret fever
pyr/o heat, fire
rach; rachi spine
radi radius
rad/i radiating out from a centre
radiat radiant
radic/o; radicul spinal nerve root
radi/o ray
rect/o rectum
relaxat to loosen
remiss remit
ren; ren/o kidney
respirat breathing
reticul/o net
retin; retin/o retina
rhabd/o rod
rheumat; rheumat/o discharge
rhin/o nose
rhonch snore
rhytid/o wrinkle
roent roentgen
rotat to turn
rrhyth; rrhythm rhythm
rube/o red
sacr sacrum
salping; salping/o; salpinx tube, fallopian tube
sarc; sarc/o flesh
scapul shoulder blade
scler hardening
scler/o hardening, sclera
scoli; scoli/o curvature
scop to examine
seb/o oil
secund second
semin; seminat seed
senile; senil old
sept putrefaction
septic putrefying
ser(a) whey
ser/o whey, serum
sert to gain
sexu sex
sial saliva
sial/o salivary
sider/o iron
sigmoid; sigmoid/o sigmoid
sin/o a curve
sinus a hollow curve
situ place
som; somat; soma/o body
somn sleep
son; son/o sound
spadias a rent, an opening
spastic convulsive
sperm; spermi; spermat; spermat/o seed (sperm)
sphygm/o pulse
spin spine, a thorn
spir/o breath
splen/o spleen
spondyl; spondyl/o vertebra
staped stirrup
steat fat
sten narrowing
ster solid
stern; stern/o sternum
sterol solid (fat)
steth; stheth/o chest
stigmat point
stom; stomat mouth
strabism a squinting
strict to draw, to bind
superfic/i near the surface
super/i upper
suppress suppress
surrog substituted
sympath sympathy
synov joint fluid
syst contraction
system a composite whole
systol contraction
tel end, distant
tele distant
tempor temples
tend/o; tendin; ten/o; tenon; tenos tendon
tens tension
tentori tentorium, tent
terat monster
testicul; test/o testicle
thalass sea
thel/i nipple
therm; therm/o hot, heat
thorac; thorac/o; thorax chest
thromb; thromb/o clot
thym thymus, mind, emotion
thyr; thyr/o; thyrox thyroid, shield
tibi tibia
tinnit a jingling
toc birth
tom/o to cut
ton tone, tension
ton/o tone
tonsill tonsil, almond
topic; top/o place
tors; tort/i twisted
tox; toxic poison
trach/e; trache/o trachea
tract to draw
trephinat a bore
trich; trich/o hair
trigon trigone
trism grating
trop turning
troph a turning
tubercul a little swelling
tuss cough
tympan ear drum
tympan/o drum
uln; uln/o ulna, elbow
umbilic naval
ungu nail
ur urine
ure urinate
urea urea
uret urine
ureter; ureter/o ureter
urethr; urethr/o urethra
urin; urinat; urin/o; ur/o urine
uve uvea
vagin vagina
vag/o vagus, wandering
varic/o twisted vein
vas; vas/o vessel
vascul small vessel
vector a carrier
ven; ven/i;ven/o vein
venere sexual intercourse
ventilat to air
ventr near or on the belly side of the body
ventricul ventricle
ventricul/o little belly
vermi worm
vers turning
vertebr; vertebr/o vertebra
vesic bladder
vesicul vesicle
vir virus (poison)
viril masculine
viscer body organs
volt volt
volunt will
volvul to roll
vuls to pull
watt watt
xanth/o yellow
xen foreign material
xer; xer/o dry
xiph sword
zo/o animal
zoon life
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