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CC ch24

Restaurant etiquette

RSVP letters often included on an invitation that stand for the French, "Repondez vous plait" which means please responds'il
manners social behaviors
etiquette rules set by society to guide social behavior
appetizer light food or beverage that begins a meal and is designed to stimulate the appetite
blend Several varieties of coffee beans mixed together to produce a particular flavor and aroma
grind material obtained after pulverization to a particular degree of fineness. Coffee is sold in three grinds-- fine, medium (or drip), and coarse (or regular)
decaffeinated term describing a product, such as coffee or tea, made by removing most of the caffeine
caffeine a compound found in products like coffee, tea, chocolate, and cola beverages that acts as a stimulant
tea leaves of a tropical evergreen or bush used to make a beverage, which is also called tea
reservation an arrangement made with a restaurant to hold a table for a guest on a given date at a given time
entree main course
table d'hôte type of menu in which one price is given for an entire meal
a la carte type of menu in which each menu item is individually priced
Dutch treat Each person in a group pays for his or her meal when dining in a restaurant
gratuity sum of money given to a waiter in a restaurant for a service rendered
tip sum of money given to a waiter in a restaurant for service rendered
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