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CC ch23

cakes, pastries, and candy

shortened cake cake made with fat. Most shortened cakes are leavened by baking powder or by baking soda and sour milk
unshortened cake cake made without fat
chiffon cake Cake that is a combination of a shortened and unshortened cake; cake that contains fat and beaten egg whites
conventional method mixing method used for shortened cakes in which the fat and sugar are creamed together, the eggs are added, and the dry ingredients are added alternately with the liquid ingredients
quick mix method mixing method used for shortened cakes in which the dry ingredients are placed in the mixing bowl, then the fat and part of the liquid are added followed by the remaining liquid and unbeaten eggs
pastry Tender, flaky baked product containing flour, fat, water, and salt, which is used as the base for pies, tarts, and other desserts
crystalline candy Type of candy with very small and fine sugar crystals, which give it a smooth and creamy texture
noncrystalline candy Type of candy in which the sugar syrup is not allowed to form crystals; candy may be chewy or brittle
sugar syrup a mixture of sugar and liquid that is cooked to a thick consistency
Created by: raiver