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CC ch22

breads and reactions

gluten Protein substance that gives strength and elasticity to batters and doughs. Formed when wheat flour is moistened and thoroughly mixed.
yeast Microscopic, single-celled plant that produces the leavening gas carbon dioxide through the process of fermentation
fermentation Process that takes place when yeast cells act upon sugars to produce carbon dioxide and alcohol; enzymatically controlled process in which a compound is broken down, such as a carbohydrate into carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol
baking soda Term for sodium bicarbonate, an alkali, which, when added to a flour mixture and heated, releases carbon dioxide; leavening agent used in food preparation
baking powder Mixture of dry acid (or acid salt), baking soda, and starch (or flour) that will form carbon dioxide when mixed with liquid and or heated; leavening agent used in food preparation
batter food-liquid mixture with a consistency ranging form a thin liquid to a stiff liquid depending on the proportion of dry to liquid ingredients
dough flour-liquid mixture that is stiff enough to be shaped by hand
tunnel One of many narrow, open areas that form inside over-mixed muffins
oven spring Sudden dramatic rise of a yeast dough that takes place during the first few minutes of baking
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