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CC ch21

cereal parts

cereal starchy grain that is suitable to use as food
kernel a whole seed of cereal
bran the outer protective covering of a kernel of grain
endosperm the largest part of a kernel of grain containing most of the starch and protein of the kernel but few minerals and little fiber
germ the reproductive part of a kernel of grain. It is rich in vitamins, protein, and fat
whole grain term used to refer to cereal products made from grain taht contains all three parts of the kernel
refined term used to refer to cereal products made from grain that has had the bran and germ removed during processing and contains only the endosperm
pasta a nutritious shaped dough that may or may not be dried. Macaroni, noodles, and spaghetti are pastas
enriched having added nutrients to replace those lost through processing
starch complex carbohydrates stored in plants
gelatinization swelling and subsequent thickening of starch granules when heated in water
syneresis leakage of liquid form a gel
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