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CC ch20

salads, casseroles, soups

salad combination of raw and or cooked ingredients, usually served cold with a dressing
temporary emulsion type of emulsion that forms when two mixtures are agitated but breaks when the agitation stops
permanent emulsion type of emulsion that will not separate upon standing; type of emulsion that is formed when an emulsifying agent is added to an oil and liquid mixture
casserole combination of foods baked in a single dish
stock soup soup made with a rich-flavored liquid in which meat, poultry, or fish; vegetables; and seasonings have been cooked
bouillon Clear broth made from strained, clarified stock
consomme Clear, rich-flavored soup made from strained and clarified stock
herb a leaf of a plant usually grown in a temperate climate and used to season food
blend combination of spices and herbs
bouquet garni small group of herbs tied together in a cheesecloth bag and added to a food during cooking for flavor. Parsley, thyme, and bay leaf are usually used
gourmet a person who enjoys being able to distinguish the complex combinations of flavors that make up foods
a dried root, stem, or seed or a plant grown mainly in the tropics and used to season food
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