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CC ch13


meat the edible portion of mammals
beef meat obtained from mature cattle over 12 months of age
wholesale cut large cut of meat shipped to a retail grocery store or meat market
retail cut a smaller cut of meat taken from a larger wholesale cut and sold to consumers in retail stores
veal the meat of cattle less than three months of age
pork the meat of swine
lamb the meat of sheep less than one year old
variety meats edible parts of animals other than muscle, such as liver, heart, and tongue
marbling flecks of fat found throughout the lean muscles of meat
elastin protein constituent of connective tissue in meat that is tough and elastic and cannot be softened by cooking
collagen protein constituent of connective tissue in meat collagen is tough and elastic but can be softened by cooking
coagulation act of thickening or forming a congealed mass. (Proteins are coagulated by heat and can cause a mixture to thicken).
cooking losses fat, water, and other volatile substances that are retained in pan drippings or cooking liquid when meats are cooked
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