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IL Constitution

IL Constitution: 1-52

When was the first Illinois constitution written? 1818 (2nd in 1848, 3rd in 1879, 4th in 1979)
Why was the preamble to the Illinois constitution written? To outline important goals in the state. 1) Provisions for health and safety 2) Representative government 3) Elimination of poverty and inequality 4) Legal, social, and economic justice 5) Fair and equal opportunity 6) Security and protection
What is a Bill of Rights? Guarantees of basic freedoms and protection of those rights.
How does the Illinois constitution give all citizens protection under the law? Article 1,Section 2; All people shall be afforded due process and equal protection of the laws.
What are the rights of citizens to religious freedoms? Article 1, Section 3: All people have the right of religious profession and worship without discrimination. Their civil or political rights shall not be denied because of a person's religious opinions.
Governments have power because ____________. the people support them.
Having freedom of religion means that _________. A person's civil rights cannot be denied because of his or her religion.
People who put their opinions in print _____. should not abuse that freedom by printing false statements.
People have the right to assemble _______. to talk about the best action for all people.
the right to privacy includes protection against __________. Illegal search and seizure.
How is an accused criminal protected by law? A person is innocent until proven guilty and this protection consists of basic civil and legal rights Preliminary hearing or grand jury indictment Post bail Know why a person is being held in prison Speedy public trial by jury A copy of the accusat
How is an accused criminal protected by law? CONTINUED... Hear and have witnesses in court Not required to give evidence against self Not tried twice for same crime May inherit, keep, or pass on property after being convicted
What are some rights of victims of crimes? Right to just and confidential treatment during the investigation of a crime Right to be notified when a case comes to trial Right to talk to prosecuting attorneys Right to address the court during sentencing phase
What are some rights of victims of crimes? CONTINUED... Right to know of the consequences of the accused Right to be protected from threats and physical harm Right to attend the trial Right to have a support person at the court Right to restitution
Where and when was the first juvenile court system found? In 1899 Illinois formed the first justice system designed for juveniles. Prior to this, children as young as eight years old were tried as adults.
True or False An Illinois citizen can never go to jail for a debt? False, Only if he or she refuses to give up his or her estate to pay the debt or willingly refuses to pay.
True or False Citizens will go to prison in cases of fraud? True; Article 1, Section 14
True or False Is it possible to pass a law granting special favors to one group of citizens for all time? False; Article 1, Section 16
True of False The government does not have to reimburse citizens for the value of property taken? False; Article 1, Section 15
True or False A jury will decide what is fair compensation for any land or property the government takes? True; Article 1, Section 15
What protection does the Illinois Constitution give the people of different religions, races, and abilities? Article 1, Section 17
Are there limits to free speech? Condemns any communication that criminalize a group or persons because of their religious, racial, ethnic, or regional affiliation. Does the same for any communication that encourages violence, hatred, abuse, or anger. Article 1, Section 20
May the General of Assembly create exemptions regarding categories exempt from discrimination? Yes. Article 1, Section 17
What, if any, restricts the right for people to bear arms? Police power. Article 1, Section 22
Are all rights of citizens listed in the Illinois Constitution? No. Article 1, Section 24
The way in which federal and state governments organize their responsibilities is known as __________ The separation of powers
This system was designed to avoid the problems of _____________ A monarchical form of government
Powers that are clearly listed in the Illinois Constitution are known as __________ Specified powers
No branch of government may ___________ Assume the powers of another branch
What are the qualifications for voting in Illinois? U.S. citizen; 18 years old; permanent state resident for 30 days; not in jail or in a correctional institute.
How does the General Assembly assist in establishing election procedures? Passes laws for residency, secrecy in voting, eligibility to vote, determination of the State Board of Elections, date/time of elections.
Who has the power to make laws for the people of Illinois? The General Assembly; 59 Senators and 118 Representatives
How are Senators elected? How long are their terms? One senator from each of 3 groups of legislative districts. First group terms of 4,4,2 years. Second group terms of 4,2,4 years. Third group terms 2,4,4 years.
How are representatives elected and how long are their terms? One representative from each 2 subdivided legislative districts who serve 2-year terms.
Who can be a senator or representative? U.S. citizen, lived in district for last 2 years, 21 years old
What happens when a senator or representative leaves office before completing the term? Governor appoints someone from the same political party to fill the seat. > 28 months then serves until next general election.> 28 months then serves until the end of the term.
What rules must senators and representatives follow? Cannot receive $ from any other government agency while serving. Cannot take newly created job created during the time for which elected; cannot take another government job if that pay was raised during their term.
What are legislative and representative districts like? Small, same number of people, touch each other.
When are the legislative and representative districts change? Every 10 years when the federal government conducts the census. May require the intervention of the State Supreme Court if the Commission is unable to approve of redistricting plan. Article 4, Section 3.
When members of the General Assembly elected? During the general elections held in even-numbered years.
When does the General Assembly meet? Each year beginning on the second Wednesday in January.
What is a special session and who can call for one? The governor can call on for the General Assembly or just the Senate. The General Assembly may also call one by joint agreement of the presiding officers of both houses.
Can anyone go to a General Assembly session? Yes, unless two-thirds of the members of both houses vote to close a session.
What is a quorum? It is a simple majority of the members. The minimum required to vote or conduct business.
When and how are the Speaker of the House and President of the Senate chosen? ON the first day of session in odd-numbered years the Secretary of State meets with the House to elect the Speaker of the House. The same day the governor meets the Senate to elect the President of that body.
What are the rules by which the General Assembly does its work? Each body makes its own rules for doing business. A vote of two-thirds of the members is required to remove a member. Each body can imprison any disrespecting non-member for 24 hours.
What must committees and joint committees do before they meet? They must tell the public when they will meet and what they will discuss.
Whom can the General Assembly subpoena? Anyone to answer questions of produce papers, records, or books.
How are laws made? From bills. A bill must be changed or rejected by the House that did not introduce it.
How many votes are needed for a bill to be passed by the General Assembly? A majority of the members of both houses must vote for the bill.
What rules does the General Assembly have to follow to pass bills? The title of the bill must be read on three separate days in each house. Bills may only be about on subject except; bills about the appropriation or collection of money, and the coding, revising, or rearranging of laws.
What rules does the General Assembly have to follow to pass bills? CONTINUED... They must be signed by both the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate to certify that proper procedures were followed.
What happens to a bill passed by the General Assembly? Must be sent to governor within 30 days. If signed, then it becomes a law. The governor may veto bill(or it automatically becomes law).
What happens to a bill passed by the General Assembly? CONTINUED... If the General Assembly is in recess the governor shall file the veto with the Secretary of State who will return the bill to the house in which the bill was introduced.
Can a vetoed bill still become a law? Yes. Three-fifths of the house receiving the bill can override the veto if ti occurs within 15 days. It is then delivered to the other house within 15 days and requires three-fifths of the membership to also override the veto and make it a law.
Can the governor veto parts of a bill? Yes. The governor can reduce or veto any item of an appropriations bill. The rest of the bill will become a law. The veto can be overridden with a three-fifths vote of both houses.
Created by: oliviasand
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