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CC ch.10

planning meals

meal manager someone who uses resources to reach goals related to preparing and serving food
menu a list of the foods to be served at a meal
course a part of a meal made up of all the foods served at one time
convenience food food product that has had some amount of service added to it
budget a plan for managing income and expenses
income money received
fixed expense a regularly recurring cost in a set amount, such as rent, mortgage, or installment loan payments
flexible expense a regularly recurring cost that varies in amount, such as food, clothing, or utility bills
taste buds flavor sensors covering the surface of the tongue
finished food convenience food that is ready for eating either immediately or after heating or thawing
semi-prepared food convenience food that still needs to have some service performed
work simplification act of performing tasks in the simplest way possible in order to conserve both time and energy
pre-preparation any step done in advance to save time when getting a meal ready
conservation the planned use of a resource to avoid waste
recycling processing a material so it can be used again
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