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CC ch9

kitchen utensils and tools

whisk a mixing tool made of loops of wire attached to a handle used to incorporate air into foods and to keep sauces form lumping
stockinette a cloth cover for a rolling pin used to keep dough from sticking to the rolling pin
serrated blade a sawtooth edge on a knife
tang prong that attaches a knife blade to the handle
French knife a versatile kitchen knife that is most often used to cut, chop, and dice fruits and vegetables
colander a perforated bowl used to drain fruits, vegetables, and pasta
pitting tiny indentations that mark the surface of some aluminum cookware due to a reaction with some foods and minerals
porcelain enamel glasslike material fused at very high temperatures to a base metal, such as the outer surfaces of cookware and bakeware
nonstick finish coating with nonstick properties used on some cookware and bakeware
saucepan a one handled cooking utensil
pot a two handled cooking utensil
double boiler small pan that fits into a larger pan. Food is put in the smaller pan, and water is placed in the larger pan. The food cooks by steam heat
pressure saucepan saucepan that cooks foods more quickly than a conventional pan because as pressure is increased, temperature also increases
springform pan a round pan with a removable bottom that is held together by means of a spring or latch on the side of the pan
casserole a baking dish with high sides
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