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CC ch8


warranty a seller's promise that a product will perform as specified or will be free from defects
service contract an insurance policy for a major appliance that can be purchased from an appliance dealer to cover the cost of repairs for a period of time after the warranty on the appliance has expired
Energy Guide label a yellow tag that shows an estimated yearly energy usage for the major appliance on which it appears
combination oven an oven that can do two types of cooking, such as conventional and convection
downdraft ventilation a ventilation system used in some ranges in which a fan is mounted under the cooktop. It draws cooking fumes away from the food before they have a chance to rise through the room
microwave high frequency energy wave used in microwave ovens to cook foods quickly
wave pattern the repeated cycle in which energy in a microwave oven is emitted by the magnetron tube
convection cooking method of cooking in which foods are baked or roasted ion a stream of heated air
induction cooking method of cooking in which foods are cooked with electro-magnetic energy
electromagnetic energy energy that is generated when a magnetic attraction is formed by an electric current; heat that is generated in cookware when a magnetic attraction exists between it and an electric coil in an induction cooktop
refrigerant a cooling agent
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