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Latin Roots 2010

Latin roots

root, derivitivemeaning
prae predict before say beforehand, foretell
Amo, Amatum amour love french love afair
bonus bon bons good french beautifully decorated candy, a good goody
caput caput head off with his head
centum century hundred a set of one hundred
curro current run run running, ongoing
cum (co) community together group which builds together
dens, dentis dentist tooth tooth doctor
decem December ten tenth month in roman calender
discipulus disciple student a student
dormio dormitory sleep place for sleeping
facio factory make place for making things
liber library book place where books are kept
luna lunar moon having to do with the moon
manus manual hand something done by hand
mille mile thousand a thousand paces
novem November nine ninth month roman calender
Octo October eight eighth month roman calender
pes, pedis pedestrian foot walker -on foot
pono positum pose put place, position or attitude
pro profess before for to admit that one is an expert
scio science know knowledge which results from study
septum September seven seventh month of roman calender
scribo scribe write one who knows how to write
sex sextennial six six year period or celebration
quinque quincenera five Mexican fifteen year old girl become woman
quattuor quadricycle four four wheeled vehicle
tres trio three three acting or performing together
terra territory land land under control of a gov. or owner.
sol solar sun having to do with the sun
sonus sonar sound device that hears sound under water
unus unit one one part of a series or a whole
video television see machine for seeing things that are far away
verbum verb word the action word in a sentence
verto reverse turn turn back
ad adhere to toward stick to
jacio jactium eject throw throw out
dico dictum dictate speak command, speak
jungo junctum join join, unite join, fasten together
nomen nominate name suggest ones name for office
pico plicatum duplicate fold two fold
trans transporation across, beyond carry across
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