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aphagia a/phag/ia - p/r/s - condition of without or absence of eating or swallowing
dyspepsia dys/pepsia - p/s - condition of painful or difficult digestion
dysphagia dys/phag/ia - p/r/s - condition of painful or difficult eating or swallowing
gastrodynia gastr/o/dynia - r/cv/s - pain in the stomach
halitosis halit/osis - r/s - abnormal condition of breath
hematemesis hemat/emesis - r/s vomiting blood
hepatomegaly hepat/o/megaly - r/cv/s - enlarged liver
steatorrhea steat/o/rrhea - r/cv/s - excessive discharge of fat
cholecystitis chol/e/cyst/itis - r/cv/r/s - inflammation of the gall bladder
choledocholithiasis choledoch/o/lith/iasis - r/cv/r/s - condition of a stone in the common bile duct
cirrhosis cirrh/osis - r/s - abnormal condition of orange
colorectal col/o/rect/al - r/cv/r/s - pertaining to colon and rectum
gastroenteritis gastr/o/enter/itis - r/cv/r/s - inflammation of the stomach and small intestines
gingivitis gingiv/itis - r/s - inflammation of the gums
hepatoma hepat/oma - r/s - tumor of the liver
hernia hern/ia - r/s - condition of a rupture or protrusion through weakened membrane/wall
inguinal inguin/al - r/s - pertaining to the groin
polyposis polyp/osis - r/s - abnormal condition of polyps
proctoptosis proct/o/ptosis - r/cv/s - drooping of the rectum
rectocele rect/o/cele - r/cv/s - hernia or protrusion of the rectum
sialadenitis sial/aden/itis - r/r/s - inflammation of a saliva gland
stomatitis stomat/itis - r/s - inflammation of the mouth
abdominocentesis abdomin/o/centesis - r/cv/s - surgical puncture to aspirate fluids from the abdomen
anoplasty an/o/plasty - r/cv/s - surgical repair of the anus
appendicectomy appendic/ectomy - r/s - surgical removal or excision of the appendix
celiotomy celi/o/tomy - r/cv/s - cutting into or incision into abdomen, abdominal cavity
cheilorrhaphy cheil/o/rrhaphy - r/cv/s - suturing of the lip
colonostomy colon/o/stomy - r/cv/s - surgical creation of an opening of the colon
diverticulectomy diverticul/ectomy - r/s - surgical removal or excision of a small blind pouch
gastroenterology gastr/o/enter/logy - r/cv/r/cv/s - study of the stomach and small intestines
glossorrhaphy gloss/o/rrhaphy - r/cv/s - suturing of the tongue
laparoscopy lapar/o/scopy - r/cv/s - process of viewing of the abdomen
sigmoidoscopy sigmoid/o/scopy - r/cv/s - process of viewing of the sigmoid colon
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