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Shakespeare Qui

Shakespeare Quiz

1. What region of what country in the world possesses an accent that is believed to be most like Shakespearian English? The American South, particularly Appalachia).
2. Why did the upper classes of England feel the need to change the sound of their language in 1750? They believed English was not as pleasing to the ear as French, Spanish and Italian).
3. What sound of the British accent was changed in 1750, and what sound was used to replace it? The “a” as in “at”; it was changed to “ahhh” as in “ball”)
4. What two events were to the east and west of the Globe theater? Bear-baiting and cock-fighting).
5. Where do we get the saying "betting on the underdog"? In bearbaiting, spectators placed a bet on dogs that ran under the bear’s belly and bit its underside. These dogs rarely survived)
6. What were the approximate beginning and ending hours of every play performed at the Globe Theater? 2:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon.)
7. Explain briefly where we get the term "box office"? In the globe theater, ushers used black boxes to collect money at the door and kept the boxes in a room called “the box office.”)
8. What three items were always sold at every Shakespeare play performed at the Globe? Tomatoes, meat pies and oranges)
9. Why did Englishman NOT eat tomatoes? They believed that tomatoes were poisonous.)
10. Why did members of the audience purchase a tomato before seeing the play? To throw at the actors, if the play was bad.)
11. What happened if a play was deemed bad and tomatoes were thrown during the opening scene? Everyone was given their money back, and they left the theater immediately.)
12 What percentage of Shakespeare's audience was royalty? 1.2%)
13 What was the most common job of those who paid a penny to see the play? Street-sweeper)
14 About how high was the front of Shakespeare's stage? Waist high for an average adult)
15 How did Shakespeare manage to portray the stabbing of Caesar so convincingly? Caesar had a pig’s bladder filled with pig’s blood beneath his toga).
16. What three elements are always promised in act one, scene one, of every Shakespeare play? Supernatural events, sex and violence.)
17 The basic plot of every Shakespeare play is based on what kind of story? fairytale or myth.)
18. What is it about Humpty Dumpty that makes him such a good example of tragedy? Any egg dumb enough to sit on top of a high wall is asking for it, and the audience is always anxious to see him get what he deserves.)
19. Shakespeare was born in what town or city? Stratford-upon-Avon)
20 What are the names of Shakespeare's father and mother? Mary and John Shakespeare)
21. Whom did Shakespeare marry? Anne Hathaway).
22. How old were Anne Hathaway and Shakespeare at the time of their marriage? Anne was 26, William was 18).
23. Shakespeare was the father of how many children and what were their names? Shakespeare had 3 children; Susannah, Hamnet and Judith.)
24. Who was Shakespeare’s first formal biographer? Nicholas Rowe).
25. In 1598 Francis Meres published a diary that listed many of Shakespeare's plays. What play is known to have existed by that time, but is NOT in Meres' list? Taming of the Shrew)
26. In 1594, Shakespeare became one of the founding members of what acting company? The Lord Chamberlain's Men)
27 In what year was the Globe Theater built? 1599)
28 In what city and on what side of what river was the Globe Theater located? In London, on the south side of the Thames River.)
29. After 1599, Shakespeare focused his writing on tragedies. Which four plays are known as his "great tragedies"? Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, King Lear)
30 In 1603 Shakespeare's acting company, The Lord Chamberlain's Men, became the King's Men. What king was their patron? King James I)
31 In 1608, Shakespeare wrote 4 plays: Pericles Prince of Tyre, Cymbeline, The Winter's Tale, and The Tempest. Are these plays tragedies, history plays, comedies or romances? Romances)
32 In what year was Shakespeare’s First Folio, published? 1623)
33 What two individuals were responsible for the printing of the first edition of the First Folio? Isaac Jaggard and Edward Blount.)
34 What was the title of the First Folio? Mr. William Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies.)
35 How many plays were included in the First Folio? 36).
36 Which three fellow actors did Shakespeare remember in his will? Richard Burbage, John Heminges and Henry Condell.)
37 What actor from Shakespeare’s company was the greatest tragedian of his time? Richard Burbage)
38. In Shakespeare’s JULIUS CAESAR who first says, “Beware the ides of March”? Soothsayer).
39. On what day and in what year, was Julius Caesar assassinated? March 15, 44 BC)
40. What feast are they celebrating in ACT I of JULIUS CAESAR? The feast of Lupercal)
41. What is the name of Caesar’s famous mistress mentioned in JULIUS CAESAR? Cleopatra)
42. The famous soliloquy from JULIUS CAESAR “Friends, Romans, Countrymen,” was spoken by whom? Marc Antony)
43. What is the main theme of JULIUS CAESAR? the minds and motives of murderers)
44. What is river is mentioned in Act I, Scene i of JULIUS CAESAR? The Tiber River)
45. In Act I, Scene ii of the play JULIUS CAESAR, Cassius says, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars.” In this passage, what does the word “stars” mean? destinies).
46. In Act I, Scene ii of the play JULIUS CAESAR, Brutus says the following about Caesar, “Tis very like he hath the falling- sickness.” What is the falling sickness ? epilepsy)
47. Who was the “Dark Lady” of Shakespeare’s sonnets? Nobody knows)
48. What tragedy by Shakespeare do superstitious actors not refer to directly by name, and what do they call that play? Macbeth; “the Scottish play”)
49. This first line is from which Shakespeare tragedy and who says it? “When shall we three meet again? / In thunder, lightning, or in rain?” Macbeth, the three witches say it).
50. This first line is from which Shakespeare tragedy? “Two households, both alike in dignity, / In fair Verona, where we lay our scene…” Romeo and Juliet)
51. This first line is from which Shakespeare tragedy? “Who’s there?” Hamlet)
52 This first line is from which Shakespeare tragedy? “Hence! Home, you idle creatures, get you home!” Julius Caesar)
53. What year did the Globe Theater open? 1599)
54. Which play was being performed when a fire burned down the Globe Theater in 1613? Henry VIII)
55. This first line is from which of Shakespeare comedies? “If music be the food of love, play on.” Twelfth Night)
56. This first line is from which Shakespeare comedy? “Now fair Hippolyta, our nuptial hour / Draws on apace.” A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
57. This first line is from which Shakespeare comedy? “In delivering my son from me, I bury a second husband.” All’s Well That Ends Well)
58 This first line is from which Shakespeare comedy? “Cease to persuade, my loving Proteus.” Two Gentlemen of Verona)
59. Which play has the following line? “milk of human kindness” Macbeth)
60. Which play has the following line? “more sinned against that sinning” King Lear)
61. Which play has the following line? “salad days” Anthony and Cleopatra)
62. Which play has the following cliche? “strange bedfellows” The Tempest)
63. Which play has the following cliche? “loved not wisely but too well” Othello)
64. What is the oldest surviving full-length motion picture made in America of a Shakespearian play? Richard III)
65. Which Shakespeare play was the first to win an Academy Award? A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
66. Which Shakespeare play was the first to win an Oscar for Best Picture? Hamlet)
67. For which Shakespeare film did Kenneth Branaugh receive his first Oscar nomination? Henry V)
68. What Shakespeare play’s title may be read as a complete sentence? All’s Well that Ends Well)
69. What is the longest word used by Shakespeare in one of his plays, and what does it mean? honorificabilitudinitatibus, from Love's Labour's Lost- it means “the holding of many honors”)
70. Complete this title: “The Tragedy of _______, The Moor of Venice” Othello)
71. Complete this title: “The Most Lamentable Romaine Tragedie of _______” Titus Andronicus)
72. Complete this title: “True Chronicle Historie of the Life and Death of _______ and His Three Daughters” King Lear)
73. Complete this title: The Tragicall Historie of _______, Prince of Denmarke” Hamlet)
74. Complete this title: The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedie of _______” Romeo and Juliet)
75. Identify this play by its last line couplet: “Myself will straight aboard, and to the state / This heavy act with heavy heart relate.” Othello)
76. Identify this play by its last line couplet: “Give me your hands, if we be friends, / And Robin shall restore amends.” A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
77. What comedy has an alternative title of What You Will? Twelfth Night)
78. What is the setting for Much Ado About Nothing? Messina)
79. What is the setting for Romeo and Juliet? Verona)
80. What is the setting for Twelfth Night? The island of Illyria)
81. What is the setting for A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Athens)
82. What is the setting for Macbeth? Scotland)
83. What is the setting for Hamlet? Denmark)
84. Charles VI is a King in which of Shakespeare’s plays? Henry V)
85. Robin Goodfellow “a shrewd and knavish sprite” was also known as whom? Puck)
86. Identify the play of this famous line: “The course of true love never did run smooth” A Midsummer Night’s Dream)
87. Twelfth Night refers to what season and day/date? Christmas season; January 6 or the twelfth day of Christmas)
88. Identify the play of this famous line: “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em.” Twelfth Night)
89. Which of Shakespeare’s tragedies is considered a tragedy of fate? Romeo and Juliet)
90. Identify the play of this famous line: “Et tu, Brute?” Julius Caesar)
91. How many sonnets did Shakespeare write? 154)
92. Who are the two feuding families in Romeo & Juliet? Montague and Capulet)
93. Which of Shakespeare’s plays has the character, Tybalt? Romeo and Juliet)
94. Define the term “chorus” as it relates to Shakespeare theater. The “chorus” is a single actor or group of actors who narrate and comment on the action).
95. What is the time period for the setting of Romeo & Juliet? late 16th century , 1590’s).
96. Who is known as the “Tragic Hero” in Romeo and Juliet? Mercutio).
97. Which play has the character Friar Laurence and what is his importance? Romeo and Juliet: He has developed a drug that feigns death.)
98. Identify the play: “Two households, both alike in dignity” Romeo and Juliet).
99. Identify the play: “A pair of star-crossed lovers” Romeo and Juliet).
100. Identify the play: “Deny thy father, and refuse thy name…” Romeo and Juliet)
101. What tragic flaw caused Hamlet’s downfall? Hesitation and indecisiveness)
102. What tragic flaws caused Julius Caesar’s downfall? Ambition and pride)
103. What tragic flaw caused Othello’s downfall? Jealousy)
104. Identify the speaker:: “Get thee to a nunnery.” Hamlet)
105. Who was the mistress of the three witches we meet at the beginning of Macbeth? Hecate, queen of the witches)
106. What are kerns and gallowglasses? Kerns are Irish soldiers. Gallowglasses carry axes)
107. Shakespearean conversation frequently begins with the word “Marry.” What does this mean? The word is slang for the oath, “By the Virgin Mary.”)
108. The Porter tells MacDuff that all the people had been up carousing until the second cock. What does this mean? The second cock is the second crowing of the cock – around 2 AM.)
109. What is the meaning of sennet? a trumpet call for formal entrances and exits).
110. Hecate tells the three witches to meet her at the “pit of Acheron.” What is this? Acheron is one of five rivers in Hades. This one is the river of woe).
111. Shakespeare’s tragedies have a standard structure of five parts. What are the parts and their purposes? The plays are in five parts; Exposition, Conflict, Climax, Denouement, Catastrophe.)
112. A recurring statement occurs in Macbeth, “Fair is foul and foul is fair.” What does this mean? Good is bad and bad is good).
113. Who speaks the soliloquy that begins with : “She should have died hereafter;” Macbeth)
114. What is the name of Macbeth’s home? Inverness).
115. Who speaks the following line, and what is the occasion? “It is a tale / Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, / Signifying nothing”? Macbeth has just been informed of his wife’s death.)
116. Explain the following line spoken by Macbeth, “Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand”? Macbeth says this just after he has murdered Duncan; he feels that his guilt can never be washed away).
117. Who speaks the following line and what is the occasion?”Out damn spot, I say out!” Lady Macbeth; she is going insane as a result of the guilt she bears from plotting the murder of Duncan).
118. When was Shakespeare baptized? April 26, 1564).
119. Why is the date of Shakespeare’s baptism and birth the same? Baptism dates were the only birth record kept).
120. When did Shakespeare die, and what is significant about that date? Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616, the same day and month as his birthday).
121. Why were the London theatres closed in 1593 and the first part of 1594? Because of the outbreak of the bubonic plague)
122. During the two years after the London theaters closed, how did Shakespeare earn a living? He wrote poetry).
123. What was the new name of Shakespeare’s acting company when James I came to the throne? The King’s Men).
124. How many plays did Shakespeare write? 38).
125. In the play Hamlet, who said “To thy own self be true”? Polonius)
126. In Hamlet, what is the relationship between Ophelia and Laretes? sister/brother)
127. Who is the ghost in Hamlet? Hamlet’s father)
128. In Hamlet, who says “Neither a borrower nor a lender be”? Polonius)
129. In Hamlet, what is the outcome of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? They are beheaded)
130. Who was Hamlet’s best friend? Horatio).
131. Who is Desdemona Othello’ wife in Othello )
132. In Othello, which character is the epitome of evil? Iago)
133. In the sixteenth century, the prevalent theory of illness was that it was a result of an imbalance in what four humors? bile, phlegm, choler, blood)
134. Name three very popular forms of public entertainment besides plays and performances in Elizabethan times. Bearbaiting, cockfights, and public executions).
135. Which monarch established the Church of England Henry VIII).
136. What does Romeo and Juliet as “star-crossed lovers” tell us about the times? The Elizabethans believed in astrology).
137. What did the Church say regarding the Elizabethan’s belief in ghosts as “the terrors of the night”? That ghosts were really devils in disguise and should be feared).
138. Why was belief in witches popular? They were easy scapegoats for all inexplicable misfortunes).
139. What was the average marrying age during Shakespeare’s time? For girls 25/26 and for boys 28/29)
140. What were the two leading acting troupes at that time? The Lord Admiral’s Men and the Lord Chamberlain’s Men)
141. What is “role-doubling”? Shakespeare had to construct a play carefully so that two characters being played by the same actor would never have to be on stage at the same time)
142. What is the meter of most of Shakespeare’s plays? blank verse - unrhymed iambic pentameter).
143. What was unique about the financial arrangements of the company that built The Globe? Most of the members, including Shakespeare, put up their own money to build the Globe)
144. . Explain two major differences between The Globe and The Blackfrier theaters. The Globe was open air and Blackfrier was roofed. 2. The Globe could hold more people).
145. What was the total audience capacity of The Globe Theatre? About 3,000.)
146. What was the name of the room in The Globe Theater where the actors got dressed? The Tiring Room)
147. Is Romeo and Juliet considered a tragedy or a romance? tragedy)
148. In the play Hamlet, who murdered Hamlet’s father and what method did he use? Hamlet’s uncle Claudius poisoned Hamlet’s father).
149. What were three methods of execution in Elizabethan times? common criminals were hanged, criminals of royalty were beheaded, and those convicted of the most heinous crimes were disemboweled or drawn and quartered).
150. In the play Hamlet, how are Claudius and Gertrude related to Hamlet? Gertrude is his mother and Claudius is his uncle and new stepfather).
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