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chapter5 prostart

when there is insufficient date for an rda adequate intakes
hot water bath to keep food warm bain marie
cook food by surronding item with hot, dry, air baking
wrapping item with strips of fat to keep food moist barding
bread food then place in basket and place basket in fryer basket method
combination of wet and dry ingredients batter
rigid sheet of stainless steel used to scrap off work station and cut dough bench scraper
thermometer that stays in food as it cooks bimetallic coil thermometers
cutting surface of knife blade
moist heat method that provides enough steam to cook fod blanching
white stew consisting of veal chicken or lamb and garnished with mushrooms and pearl onions served with white sauce blanquette
where blade meets handle bolster
6 in knife used to seperate raw meat from bone boning knife
Mediterranean fish stew bouillabaisse
flexible piece of rubber for combining ingredients bowl scraper
sears food item then allows slow cooking time braising
high sided flat bottomed cooking pan braising pan
shallow medium pot and two handles brazier
same as batter except not blended together breading
rapid cooking method using heat from above food broiling
fabricate raw meat butcher knife
end of knife handle butt
small knife with blunt blade butter knife
baking pan with straight sides cake pans
used to open cans can opener
attached to tanks holding premixed blends and combining CO2 carbonated beverage machine
cooking that happens after food is taken out of oven carry over cooking
heavy thick pan made of iron cast iron skillet
slender ceramic rods embedded in wooden handle ceramic steels
keeps food items hot on buffet table chafing dishes
small knife used to cut grooves lengthwise channel knife
gas or electricity taking place of charcoal charbroiler
fine mesh gauze for straining liquids cheese cloth
thinly shaped untensil used to cut cheeses cheese knife
all purpose knife chef's knife
pierced metal cone shaped strainer used to remove solids out of liquids china cap
very fine china cap that strains very small solids chinois
shot blunt point knife used for shucking clam knife
heavy rectangular knife cleaver
machine that makes coffee automatically coffee maker
used to drain liquid from cooked pasta and veggies colander
using both moist and dry heat combination cooking
using a convection oven with a steamer combioven
transfer of heat through direct contact conduction
transfer of heat by movement of molecules convection
uses fan to circulate heat around food as it cooks convection oven
steam is generated then piped into cooking chamber convection steamer
heat source is at bottom of oven conventional oven
conveyor belt pushes food through oven for even cooking conveyor oven
fork used for testing doneness cook's fork
pots and pans cookware
tool used to remove apple core corer
used to puree liquefy and blend food countertop blender
broiler on top of table countertop broiler
shallow skillet with very short slightly sloping sides crepe pan
liquid from shallow poaching that provides food's flavor cuisson
bottom of knife cutting edge
braised dish made with red meat, veggies, red wine, and seasoning daube
conventional oven with 2-4 shelves stacked on top of each other deck oven
cook food in oil heated to 300-400 degrees deep fat fryer
breaded or battered food immersed in hot fat till crisp deep frying
use of liquid to dissolve remaining food deglazing
knife with serrated blade deli knife
rods with diamond dust diamond steels
report that offers science based advice for healthy people over age 2 to promote health and reduce risk dietary guidelines for americans
recommended daily amounts of nutrients and energy dietary reference intakes
precise scale used to measure weight digital scale
leftover calories after taking out calories from food groups discretionary calorie allowance
a pot with both a top and bottom pot double boiler
frying food with a basket on top of the food double basket method
hook like attachment for mixer dough arm
produces traditional italian coffee espresso machine
french for braising and beef stew made with red wine estouffade
short thin flexible blade fillet knife
metal pan with perforated rack fish poacher
tool used to remove skin of fish fish scaler
mix mash cream in mixer flat beater paddle
blade has narrow v shape flat ground/tapered
french top, provides even and consistent heat flat top burner
way food tastes flavor
enhancing base ingredient flavoring
indicating doneness in fryer float
heat source directly below pot fondue pot
vertical rotating blade and a bowl that rotates food under blade food chopper
puree to different consistencies food mill
grind puree blend crush and knead food food processors
bain marie that works with out water and holds multiple pans per slot food warmer
cutting surface dropped into mold and struck into correct shape forged blade
white stew made from veal poultry or small game fricasee
pour liquid from large to smaller container funnel
enhances food being served garnish
stew originated in Hungary goulash
blade with ovals ground into it that helps food release easily granton
tool used to grate food grater
cooked directly on heat source located beneath thick plate of metal griddle
act of cooking on heated thick plate of metal griddling
very simple dry heat method for small amounts of food grilling
hand that prevents slippage of knife and controls size of cut guiding hand
part of knife that is gripped handle
widest and thickest part of knife blade heel
leaf steam or flower of aromatic plant herbs
makes blade extremely sharp when blade near edge are ground away to form hollow hollow ground
regular maintenance in keeping knife in shape honing
removes broken pieces and realigns remaining ground edges honing steel
mixer that cuts mixes and blends food quickly with high speed horizontal rotating blade horizontal cutter mixer
insulated piece of equipment designed to hold sheet and hotel pans hot box
broil large amounts of food quickly hotel broiler
used to hold prepared food hotel pan
heavily insulated cabinet designed to hold either hotel pans or sheet pans...conrols food temperature hot holding cabinet
makes varieties of ice ice machine
long stick like machine that mixes within food immersion blender
generates heat by means of magnetic attraction induction burner
heat from one material is radiated to another material infrared heat
strong scissors kitchen shears
person that consumes vegan items as well as dairy and eggs lacto-ovo vegetarian
person that consumes vegan items and dairy products lacto-vegetarian
used to portion out liquids ladle
insert strips of fat into lean meat to baste from inside while cooking larding
plastic serrated knife designed to keep lettuce edges from browning lettuce knife
manually operated slicer with adjustable blades to lsice and julienne mandoline
soak an item with combo of wet and dry to provide flavor and moisture marinating
fish stew prepared with eel matelote
measures varying quantities of both dry and liquid measuring cup
measure small quantities of spices and liquids measuring spoon
food is dropped through feedtube pulled along metal worm and cut as food is forced through grinder plate meat grinder
slanted circular blade, food either passes through automatically or cook pushes product through blade meat slicer
heat food with min waves of energy causing food's molecules to move rapidly and create heat inside food microwave oven
French for "to put in place" mise en place
mixes and processes large amounts of food mixer
small round cups or molds for making small baked goods muffin tins
food guide that serves as a tool to help people put dietary guidelines into practice MyPyramid
French for "turnip" navarin
tool to find products right for nutritional needs Nutriton Facts Panel
weight that is greater then what is healthy obese
small tool used to turn food on griddle or broiler offset spatula
grate gas burner supplying direct heat by way of open flame open burner
increased cost lower profit overportioning
person who eats all vegan food plus eggs ovo vegetarian
short stubby knife used for shucking oyster knife
cooking food in oil at less heat than sauteing or stir frying pan frying
general stove top cooking pans
same as blanching par cooking
small knife used for trimming and parring vegetables and fruits paring knife
melon baller parisienne
bag used to to pipe out frostings creams and pureed food pastry bag
small brush used for glazing items pastry brush
used in mixer to mix shortening into dough pastry knife
thin slices of meat rolled around a meat filling paupiettes
small tool that cuts thick layer around veggies or fruits peeler
specially shaped spatula made for serving pie slices pie server
piping bags, decorative tips, and presses piping tools
small tool that cuts pizza and rolled out dough pizza cutter
decision on how a food product will be served plating
cooking in liquid between 160-180 poaching
amount of item served to a guest portion
measure recipe ingredients portion scale
braising pot roasting
making stocks and soups, boiling on stove top pots
cooks food with high pressured steam pressure steamer
heat moves by way of microwave and infrared waves radiation
restores the appetite ragout
freezer with up to 3 internam compartments reach in freezer
weigh inspect and check delivered items receiving table/area
average daily intakes meeting all nutritent requirements Recommended Dietary Allowances
amount of time it takes oil to reheat to correct temperature recovery time
food is pressed through to create ricelike appearance ricer
direct controllable heat ring top burner
hold handle to the tang rivets
cooks by surronding with hot dry air roasting
shallow rectangular pan with medium high sides and two handles roasting pan
cylinder that flattens and shapes pastries rolling pin
also known as brazier rondeau
3-5 circular shelves on a center rod that rotates rotary oven
place food on stick or spit roast directly over heat rotisserie
scraper with long handle rubber spatula
brown finish or melt food to order salamander
spread sandwich fillings and condiments sandwich spreader
designed for comfortable well-balanced grip with full blade use santoku
general liquid base cooking saucepan
more shallow tuhan stock pots, straight sides with 2 loops for lifting sauce pot
french frying pan saute pan
cooks food rapidly with small amount of fat and high heat sauteing
wide bottom straight sides sautoir
confirms what was ordered is what is delivered scales
part of knife that creates handle scales
long curved blade used for cutting large cuts of raw meat scimitar
hands out soft foods and uses variety of sizes scoop
enhances flavor without changing primary flavor of dish seasoning
blade with row of teeth serrated
slice breads and cakes serrated slicer
combo of steam and liquid bath shallow poaching
grind and hone steel instruments sharpening stone
bake cookies and roast veggies sheet pan
food storage shelving
blanch food in ice bath shocking
sift dry ingredients and remove large impurities sieve
completely submerge food in liquid simmering
cutting edge on half of knife single side
remove foam from soup or stock skimmer
14 in blade slicer
roast meat at low temp slow roasting oven
small hand tools and equipment smallware
treats food with smoke at cool or hot temps smoker
temp at which fats and oils begin to smoke smoking point
under vacuum sous vide
slots to slide sheet pans speed racks
bark root seed bud or berry of aromatic plant spices
top of knife blade spine
solid perforated or slotted spoon
pan with spring for easy removal of cake from pan spring foam pan
cutting surface of knife made by cutting blade shaped pieves from sheets of milled steel stamped blade
curved knife used to cut beef steaks from loin steak knife
low or high steam pressure steamer
direct contact with steam cooks food steaming
double layered bottom and sides steam jacketed kettle
long metal rod lightly grooved and magnetized steel
similar to braising stewing
very high heat with little fat and cooked in wok stir frying
pot with spigot to loose liquid but maintain solid ingredients stockpot
used for icing cakes, spreadinf filling and glazes, flipping pancakes, and leveling straight spatula
tool made of mesh like material or metal with tiny holes strainer
gently drop breaded or battered food in hot oil and let it fall to surface then swim back up swimming method
screen stretched across and shaped like drum tamis/drum sieve
clay oben with fire inside at base and open top tandoori oven
metal continues from blade through handle tang
works like coffee maker for tea tea maker
accurate thermometer that measures temperature instantly thermocouple
lids that allow pan to function as steamer tilting fry pan
forward part of knife including knife point tip
scissor like untensil used to pick and handle all solid foods tongs
curved paring knife tourne
used to carry food cases to storage areas utility carts
all purpose knife 6-8 in long utility knife
consume only grains legumes veggies fruits nuts and seeds vegan
sharp edges for peeling vegetable peeler
no meat fish or poultry products vegetarian
similar to liquid measuring volume measures
built right into food service facility walk in freezer/refridgerator
heavier version of wire whip wing whip
small tools of various size used to mix beat and stir food wire whip/wisk
provides wok hey(savory charred flavor) wok burner
metal pan with rounded bottom and curved sides wok
shred small pieces of outer peel of citrus fruits zester
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