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assessment test

What are the roles of the legislative branch of the U.S. government?
Describe the federal system of government?
What is a normal election cycle?
What are the roles of the frees press in the U.S.? Freely report on the action of the gov't without unde restraint or influence. Enables voters to learn in an unbiased way. Helps the electorate to make decisions about who to vote for
What is the relationship between England's Magna Carta and the US Constitution?
Which right was added to the constituion through the amendment process after the Bill of Rights?
What is the application of the right to due process under the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution?
What Supreme Court case addresses slavery issures? Dred Scot vs Sandford
What US Supreme Court rulings placed limits on indivdual rights?
What are common responsibilites of US citizens that derive from constitutional rights?
What woman's action sparkled the boycott that led the Supreme Court action that segregation on buses was unconstitutional? Rosa Parks
What are the steps in a congressional election?
What is one purpose behind the electoral college system of electing a president?
What is the relationship between the states and the central government under the articles of confederation?
What did congress authorize the founders to do at the constitutional convention?
What are the Federalist positions on ratification of the US constitution?
What is the purpose of government declared in the Preamble of the US constitution? States the general purpose of the Constitituion. Establish justice, insure domestic tranqulity, provide for common defence, promote the general welfare, blessing of libert to ourselves and our posterity
According to the US Concstitution who has the authority to declare war? Congress
What the the provision in the Bill of Rights? Freedom of speech, bear arms, quatering soliders, unreasonable search and seizures, due process, speedy trial, jury trial in civil cases, excessive bail or fines
What change is US election procedure came as a result of the 17th Amendment?
What are steps required of all seeking to become US citizen? Pass test Demonstrate fleucy in English "good moral charcter" Oath of Allegiance 3 to 5 years resident
Created by: auburngirlinsav
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