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Pance Buzzwords

Monoclonal Spike on Serum Electrophoresis (M Protein) Multiple Myeloma
Smudge Cells on Peripheral Smear CLL
"Palpable Olive" Pyloric Stenosis
"String Sign" (Long Narrow Pyloric Lumen) Pyloric Stenosis
"Bag of Worms" in Scrotum Varicocele
"Boggy Uterus" Adenomyosis
Steeple sign on Xray Croup
Thumb sign of Xray Epiglottitis
"Cherry Red Spot" (Red Fovea) on Fundoscopy CRAO
"Blood and Thunder Retina" CR Vein Occlusion
Rust-Colored Sputum Strep Pneumo PNA
Currant Jelly Sputum Klebsiella Pneumo PNA
Unilateral ptosis, Anhidrosis, Miosis Horners Syndrome
Parenchymal bullae or subpleural blebs Emphysema
ECG: S1Q3 inverted T3 Cor pulmonale from PE
CXR Honeycombing Pulmonary fibrosis or bronchiectasis
Noncaseating Granulomas on Lung Bx Sarcoidosis
"Hot Potato Voice" Peritonsillar Abscess
CXR Visceral Pleural Line or "Deep Sulcus sign" on supine PTX
Pharyngeal Gray Pseudomembrane Diphtheria
Electrical Alternans on ECG Cardiac Effusion
Osler Nodes, Janeway lesions, Roth Spots Infective Endocarditis
Bite Cells (Loss of Heinz Body) on Peripheral Smear G6PD Deficiency
Pica Fe Deficiency
Macro-Ovalocytes and hypersegmented PMNs Folate deficiency anemia
Pancytopenia with circulating blasts Acute Leukemia
Auer rods on peripheral smear AML
Blast Crisis CML
Created by: alison.simpson
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