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A Buck 06 Chapter 3


Anesthesia induction or administration of a drug to obtain partial or complete loss of sensation.
Analgesia Absence of pain
Epidural Anesthesia is injected into the spaces between the vertebrae.
General State of unconsciousness by the use of a drug given by inhalation, intramuscularly, rectally, or intravenously
Regional Anesthsia is used to interrupt the sensory nerve conductivity in a region of the body.
Local Anesthesia accomplished by means os application of an anesthetic agent directly to the area involved.
Patient Controlled Analgesia PCA
Patient Controlled Analgesia System that allows patient to control pain
Moderate Sedation Type of sedation provided by a physician performing a procedure; does not put patient completly to sleep
Blood Patch Procedure in which a cerebrospinal fluid leak is closed by means of injection of the patients blood into area that was used during epidural anesthesia.
Radiologic Procedures Not organized by anatomic site
Burn Excisions or Debridment Not organized by anatomic site
Obstetric Not organized by anatomic site
Other Procedures Not organized by anatomic site
Spine and Spinal Cord Organized by anatomic site
Knee and Popliteal Area Organized by anatomic site
Lower Leg Organized by anatomic site
Head Organized by anatomic site
Thorax Organized by anatomic site
Abdomen Organized by anatomic site
Created by: My2Girls