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pathophysiology final exam chapters 7 - 12

pyuria means: pus in the urine
diabetes insipidus is caused by: lack of ADH or not responding to ADH
pelvic exercises often used for stress incontinence is known as: kegel exercise
Most common cause of chronic renal failure is: Diabetic nephropathy
risk factors for carcinoma of bladder: smoking, industrial chemicals
Destruction of the alveolar walls that leads to fusing of the alveoli is known as: emphysema
Microcytic and hypochromic RBC is suggestive of this type of anemia Iron deficiency
Megaloblastic anemia with neurological symptoms (loss of sensation, weakness) is suggestive of this type of anemia: Vitamin B12 deficiency (megaloblastic anemia)
Megaloblastic anmeia with no neurological symptoms and a diet poor in green leafy vegetable or overcooked food suggests: Folic acid deficiency
Most common inherited bleeding disorder often discovered due to easy bruising and prolonged or heavy menses Von Willebrand disease
bronchiole spasms and inflammation is the pathophysiology of: Asthma
These are the only modalities that prolong life if COPD patients Home oxygen and smoking cessation
Created by: bismark