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Peds Pneumo PA/SFU06

Peds Pneumo Pa review book simon miller ed #4

name this pneumoName of organism /cause
RSV, parainfluenza influenza fro > 75% a few Varicella zoster what kindo of Pneumonia? Viral ... yea simple ..but donet forget Varicella-zoster!
Most common in school kid and adolescents Mycoplasmal
2-3 week incubation Mycoplasmal
Compost,tree bark,aerosols birds and bird poop, moldy hay Hypersensitivity pneumonia
complications include blood /ciagulation problems/ Cerebral infart/ Guillain-Barre syndrom/ crainal nerve involvmrent/psychosis/ erythema multiform/ Steven-Johnson Mycoplasmal
what pneumo most common in in child whos sickle cell dis . has imaired splenic funtion S. pneumoniae
Name 3 types of bacterial Pneumonia S. pneuminiae, H.Influenzae-nontyable/ S. Aureus
CBC abd diff normal,cold hemagglutinin titer > 1:64, CXR interstitail or bronchpneumonic infiltraes in mid and lower lobes Mycoplasmal
Labs: Eosinophilia what pneumo? Hypersensitivity
CXR pneumatoceles,empyeme, and pyopneumothrax often unilateral (most often R side) S. Aureus
Created by: pnelson