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cardio exam


what 2 things cause blood to become more thicker than water plasma proteins and blood cells
what percentage of plasma is water 91%
what 2 materials are dissolved in plasma and then transported nutrients and waste products
what are 2 types of hemopoietic tissue red bone marrow & lymphatic tissue
what are red blood cells called & what is their shape erythrocytes (biconcave)
what intracellular structure is missing on red blood cells nucleus
what protein in the red blood cells carries oxygen hemoglobin
what blood test do we use to measure the amt of red blood cells hematocrit
what are stem cells in red bone marrow called that will eventually become red blood cells hemocytoblast
how many days do red bone marrow cells live 120 days
old red blood cells are macrophaged and stored in the liver
the heme portion of the recycling is converted to bilirubin
this is excreted into into the form of bile
ABO blood type has what 4 blood types A, B, AB, O
is the RH factor always present no
what are the 3 types of granular white blood cells called neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils
what are the 2 types of agranular white blood cells called lymphocytes & monocytes
if a person has a high white blood cell count they might have what infection
what is the medical term for high WBC leukocytosis
what is the medical term for low WBC leukopenia
platelets are fragments of cells called megakaryocytes
platelets are necessary for the prevention of blood loss which is also called homeostasis
besides cells, what also makes up a clot fibrin
what is the outside layer of the pericardium called fibrous
what is the middle layer called parietal
what is the inside called visceral (aka epicardium)
the heart has 4 chambers - what are the upper 2 chambers called atriums
what are the lower 2 chambers called ventricles
the chambers are lined with a simple squamous epithelium called endocardium
blood flowing into the heart from the vena cava - is it high or low in oxygen low
blood flowing to the pulmonary vein high
blood flowing to the aorta high
when the coronary artery becomes obstructed & deprive myocardium of oxygen, this is called ischemic
when the cells begin to die because of lack of oxygen this is called myocardial infarction
when the atriums contract and the ventrials contract this is called heartbeat
what about a cardiac cycle sequence of events in 1 heartbeat
what 2 parts of the conduction system bring about atrial contraction SA node & AV node
what 3 parts parts bring about ventricular contraction Bundle of His, bundle branches & purkinje fibers
what does the term systole mean contraction
what does the term diastole mean relaxation
heart rate consisently less than 60 beats/min bradycardia
heart rate consistently greater than 100 beats/min tachycardia
the electrical activity of the heart may be depicted by what simple test EKG
what are the 3 layers of an artery or a vein (must have word tunica in front of ea one) tunica externa (outside); tunica media (middle); tunica intima (inside)
endothelium folds within what structures to prevent backflow of tunica intima valves & veins
what is the purpose of anastomoses detour around blocked vessels
capillaries are the site of exchange of material between blood & tissue around it (true or false) true
because capillary blood pressure is higher, what process occurs with forced plasma & dissolved nutrients out of capillaries into tissue fluid filtration
define pulmonary circulation blood flow from heart to lungs & blood flow from lungs back to heart with gases being exchanged
in hepatic circulation, blood from the digestive organs & spleen circulate to what organ the liver before it goes back to the heart
the fetus is connected to the placenta by the umbilical cord which has how many arteries & veins 2 arteries & 1 vein
the vessels allow for exchange of materials by what 2 processes diffusion & active transport
what is the definition of peripheral resistance resistance a blood vessel puts on the flow of blood
what is normal ph of blood 7.35 to 7.45
what artery do you listen to when listen to a BP brachial artery
if a person has an irregular heart beat, they are said to have arrhythmias or dysrhythmias
define cyanosis blue coloration due to lack of oxygen
name 2 tests to evaluate coronary artery diseas treadmill and angiogram
what disease is best defined as chest pain after exertion angina pectoris
what are 2 etiologies for cardiac arrest anoxia & interruption of electrical stimuli
list 3 signs of congestive heart failure enlarged heart; abdominal edema; edema of legs & feet
what is the medical term for right side heart failure Cor Pulmonale
how would you define cardio genic shock inadequate output of blood by the heart
what condition is the compression of heart muscle & restriction of heart & its movement caused by blood or fluid trapped in pericardial sac Cardiac Tamponade
emboli are usually made of blood - can you name 3 other things that form an emboli air; pieces of tissue; fat
is surgical repair the only way we can treat an aneurysm no (we sometimes do conservative observation only)
what condition will result in a measureable difference of an affected leg vs the other leg Thrombophlebitis
what are varicose veins swollen, knotted veins in lower legs
True or false - Buerger's Disease is an inflammation of peripheral arteries & veins with formations of clots True
Raynaud's Disease is what kind of condition of fingers, hand & feet vasospastic condition
List 4 types of anemias iron deficient; folic acid deficiency; pernicious; aplastic
the most severe transfusion reaction is due to an incompatability & are charaterized by what 2 things hemolysis & agglutination
how do you get Classic Hemophilia hereditary (is a deficiency of clotting factors)
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation is what 2 things happening bleeding & clotting
Hodgkin Disease (aka Hodgin Lymphoma) is what kind of disease of body lymphatic system cancer
what blood type is universal donor O
what blood type is the universal recipient AB
what chambers of the heart receive blood from arteries none
in the pulmonary semilunar valve is the blood high or low low
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