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Material compiled from ME2 and ME1

What is the additional INFO addressee that should be used on LE SITREPs involving fisheries cases? NOAA NMFS WASHINGTON DC
What abbreviation is used in the subject line of an LE SITREP for a vessel without nationality? XX
What three catagories of information require a FIR to be submitted within 24 hours? Terrorism, WMD, and Key infrastructure vulnerability
What unit is a required addressee on all UOF reports? MLE ACADEMY CHARLESTON SC
Which of the following is not a required item on your LE belt? Portable Radio
What type of knife, with your command approval, may be carried on your LE belt? Folding Knife
The expandable baton must be ___. Corrosion Restitant
What section of the LECQI must all CG personnel seeking initial qualification as a BO complete? Section Two
Where are recurrent training tasks recorded upon completion? TMT
Who assigns usernames and passwords for access to TMT? CG Operations Systems Center
What three factors are used to calculate risk? Threat, Vulnerability, and Consequence
What is the primary objective of a security patrol? Protect an asset
What does the acronym OPSEC stand for? Operational Security
What does the acronym METT-T stand for? Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops, and Time
What is the five paragraph format for an OPORD called? SMEAC
What part of the OPORD or briefing deals with communication? Communications
When designing a patrol area, consider all of the following except ___. Day of the week
Unusually calms areas on the water's surface could be an indication of ___. Oil in the water
Who could be a good source of intelligence information in remote areas? Local Residents
The three types of excercises are Tabletop Excercises (TTX), Command Post Excercise (CPX), and ___ (FTX). Full-Scale Excercise
What reference can you use in the field to determine the elements of a law violation? BOJAK
Which of the following is not included in the information that you should provide to OPCON? Authority
To enforce a criminal violation you must identify the violation of law, determine PC and jurisdiction, notify OPCON, ___ and seize the vessel. Detain or Arrest Subjects
Which of the following is not considered a destructive device? A missile with less than 1/4 oz. of explosive
Which of the following would not be a firearm according to the definition in the BOJAK? A Cap Gun
A short barreled shotgun has one or more barrels less than ___ inches, or is less than ___ overall. 18, 26
A short barreled rifle has one or more barrels less than ___ inches, or is less than ___ inches overall. 16, 26
When is recording a firearm's serial number required? Required on every boarding
What form is required to possess a Federally regulated firearm? ATF 5320.4
What is the offense classification for a violation of 18 USC 922? Felony
Conducting a search systematically has proven to be ___ and ___. Effective, Methodical
When the boarding team locates possible evidence or contraband, in order to validate the findings you would do all of the following, except ___. call OPCON to determine the violation of law
Unless instructed to brief OPCON directly, who conducts the post-brief to the CO/OIC following a boarding? BO
When conducting space accountability, what is the minimum number of people required per team? Two
What is the best tool for performing space accountability measurements? Standard Tape Measure
If discrepancies are found in measurements while validating findings, who would you request authorization to conduct an intrusive search? OPCON
What certificate is required for a state registered vessel in the US? Certificate of Number
Which of the following documents should not be used to verify citizenship? State Driver's License
The three most common fraudulent documents include all of the following, except ___. Mistakes on Documents
Which of the following documents would not be used to verify that an alien is a legal immigrant? Birth Certificate
Which of the following might indicate a photograph on a travel document has been altered? Misalignment of laminate over photo page
Diplomatic Immunity is ___ immunity provided to diplomats, Foreign Service workers, and their families. Legal
A member of the administrative and technical staff of a foreign embassy may not be arrested; however, ___ may be applied in emergency circumstances. Reasonable constraints
When can a career consular officer be arrested? On a Felony Warrant
What should be done upon encountering comeone claiming diplomatic immunity? Contact OPCON
What do you compare the prisoner inventory list prior to transferring a prisoner? Against actual items
What are the steps in verifying the recieving agents credentials during a prisoner transfer? Ask for credentials, examine credentials, call OPCON for any questions
What is the minimum information that should be passed to the recieving agent? Medical condition and advisement of rights
The minimum entries in the prisoner log include identification, inventory list, rights advisement, ___ and ___. health, care recieved
The Unit log will contain the name of the prisoner, nationality and personal identifier, ___ and ___. recieving agent, agency
Where can you enforce BUI regulations (excluding exclusive state waters)? Any US vessel on the high seas and any vessel shoreward of 12 NM from the baseline
SFSTs are considered part of which Detection Phase? Phase III
How long do you have to wait before administering the Ashore Test Battery? 15 minutes
The Also-sensor III and IV can detect breath alcohol levels between ___ and ___? .000 and .400
What are the four elements of an arrest? Authority, Intention, Knowledge and Compliance
What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor? Seriousness of crime and length of imprisonment
In order to arrest on a misdemeanor, the offense must be committed ___. In your presence
Who do you contact before advising a suspect of their rights? OPCON
What items can be used to demonstrate scale when photographing evidence? Ruler, pen, dollar bill
Photograph evidence close up, in its original condition and ___. Location
What documents establish a chain of custody? Seizure tag and 1149
What is the form number of the USCG seizure tag? CG-5117
How do you distribute copies of the arrestee inventory form? Arrestee, recieving agency, case file
If you are unableto gather pre-boarding information, how do you verify it has been completed? Interview the person that collected the information
What are the steps in the boarding process? Embarking, boarding activity, disembarking
What reports if applicable, are completed during the post-boarding phase? LE SITREP, FIR, UOR Report, MISLE entry
The information you review prior to a Security Boarding includes, but is not limited to, ___? NOA, HIV Matrix, and MISLE
What two job aids are used to manage the boarding phase of a security boarding? Security Boarding Checklist and Vessel/Crew Documentation Verification Decision Table
When completed, LE Case Packages will ___. Greatly aid the government in making its case
When do you need to complete and LE case package? When ever a case could go to court in the US or foreign country
Who has the authority to raise the MARSEC level in a specific local area? COTP
Under ICS, who is responsible for directing patrol teams? Operations Section Chief
What plan was created in 2004 to achieve a coordinated U.S. Government response to threats against the United States and it's interests in the maritime domain? MOTR
What website was developed to disseminate information between the Coast Guard and other governmental agencies? CG Homeport
Briefs should follow the _____ rule. ABC
Which of the following is not a type of specialized security forces? Fire Fighters
The ability to communicate securely with local LE _____. reduces a facility's vulnerability
Waterside physical security measures include live surveillance, surface radar, sonar, and _____. patrol craft
What score is added to a facility in a mountainous area? 1
What does the acronym MSRAM stand for? Maritime Security Risk Assesment Model
Under CIKR, key resources include all of the following except _____. Bridges and Transportation
What are the three foundations of patrol activity? Presence, Protection, Response
What is the required INFO address on an LE SITREP involving migrant interdiction? HQ BICE INTEL WASHINGTON DC
What is the SSIC used on an LE SITREP? 16240
What is the maximum characters per line in a message? 69
Which of the following is not one of the nine approved punctuation characters? semicolon
What is the minimum number of people you should have on the LEQB? Three
What is the primary function of the LEQB? Recommend personnel for LE/Security certification
What is the purpose of conducting a pre-brief prior to starting the LEQB? Ensure questions are relevant, measureable, and task based
Conducting a comprehensive interview can be aided by _____. Varying question types
Candidates responses should be evaluated based on _____. Standards established in the LECQI
The duties of the Unit Training Board include all of the following except? Scheduling personnel to attend training
How frequently should units conduct training on defensive tactics? Monthly
On the LE Currency Report, tasks highlighted in red are _____. Overdue
Unserviceable equipment is all of the following except _____. Old
Which of the following is not one of the four categories of LE gear systems? Radiation Kits
Which of the following is not a step in removing equipment from the inventory list? Request bids from 3 vendors
Where would you find the Physical Security Checklist? COMDTINST M5530.1(series)
Vulnerability is a measure of _____. Susceptability to damage and destruction, or loss
What are the two general types of resources? Physical and personnel
What are the two general types of barriers? Natural and structural
All barriers must provide and equal degree of _____. Protection
When two lines of barriers are established they should be seperated by no less than _____. 30 feet
Chain link fencing should be a minimum height of _____. 8 feet
A clear zone outside a perimeter shall be _____ or greater. 20 feet
Shipboard perimeters vary depending upon the _____. Location
How often should you evaluate the effectiveness of your perimeter? Continually
Access/Entry Control Points are a combination of assets employed to _____. Control access
The access control zone should be designed so it is able to process _____. All vehicles
The factors taken into consideration when conducting a site vulnerability assesment include all, but _____. The amount of pedestrian traffic in the area
What two forms of communication should be included in your ACP/ECP Communications Plan? Hard wired and mobile
ACP/ECP personnel should be briefed on the following, except _____, prior to assuming their post. Rotation schedule
What three things should be covered during initial and recurrent briefings? Fire, bomb threats, and barrier breaches
Personnel assigned to an ACP/ECP must be fully _____ to perform the duties of their particular job. Qualified
Why are periodic drills/training important? Tests watchstander's response and potential vulnerabilites
Who approves Coast Guard assistance beyong the normal realm of operations? District Commander
Who provides a detailed plan of the operation? Lead Agency
What is phasing? Succesive order of what should happen and when
What is the inteneded outcome of the operation known as? Operational Objective
When is a detailed analysis of mission performance conducted? During de-brief
Alternate fencing for isolated, unpatrolled areas (forest, jungle, and swamp) may be approximately _____ high with _____ guage barbed wire. 4 feet, 12 guage
The ACP/ECP is divided into _____ zones. Four
The _____ Zone is the interface between the off-facility road network and the facility. Approach
The _____ Zone extends from the passive and active barriers in all directions to protect installation personnel from an explosion at the vehicle barricade. Safety
Created by: CBFaulkner
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