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Ammunition Admin

Caims, Rolms, Qual/Cert.

What does CAIMS stand for? Conventional Ammuntion Integrated Management System
What is CAIMS? Management tool for ordnance
What command maintains the CAIMS Ammunition Stock status files? Naval Operational Logistics Support (NOLSC)
What does ROLMS stand for? Retail Ordnance Logistics Management System
What's the purpose of ROLMS? software designed for retail ammunition asset maintenance and reporting
What are the top 5 capabilities of ROLMS? Inventory/Reqs/Issue, Receipt/Expenditure/Asset
How is ammunition supplied to the fleet? Through reqs, redistribution orders, referral orders
What does NALC stand for? National Ammunition Logistics Code
What does NSN stand for? How many digits? National Stock Number/ 13
What is the origin of the Qual/Cert Program? Catastrophic ordnance incident in 1966 aboard the USS Oriskany
Who established the Qual/Cert Program? CNO
What is the cause of majority of explosive mishaps? personnel error/lack of supervision/training
Who is responsible for decert/revocation? CO
What paygrades are Qual/Cert board members? E-6 or higher
May, Can or Should refer to? Advisory requirments that are NOT mandatory
Shall, Will, or Must refer to? Mandatory requirements
To conduct a post load inspection, an ordnanceman must be qual/cert at what minimum level? QA
What is the instruction for the Qual/Cert Program? Opnavinst 8023.24B
What are the age requirmenets to transport ordnance on base? Off base? 18/21
Created by: zabi
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