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Renaissance Monarchs

Virgin Queen Elizabeth I
reigned during Shakespeare's early career Elizabeth I
built El Escorial Philip II
Built powerful navy for defense Henry VII, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I
Huguenot who converted to Catholicism Henry IV of France
Edict of Nantes Henry IV of France
created Church of England Henry VIII
First Tudor king Henry VII
married 6 times Henry VIII
granted civil rights to Protestants Henry IV of France
Catholic Church would not allow him to annul his marriage to his first wife Henry VIII
father of Elizabeth and Mary Henry VIII
staunch Catholic, helped prevent the establishment of Protestantism in his country Philip II
restored Catholicism to England for a short while Mary
nicknamed "Bloody" for excessive violence in putting down Protestants Mary
restored Protestantism to England Elizabeth I
of the Hapsburg family Philip II
broke with the Catholic Church Henry VIII
married to Philip II of Spain Mary
planned invasion of England failed Philip II
ruled England when the Spanish Armada attempted to invade Elizabeth
created the Armada to invade England Philip II
lived in France to escape Richard III Henry VII
Tried to control the Netherlands but Elizabeth interfered Philip II
from the Bourbon family Henry IV
won at Battle of Bosworth Field Henry VII
executed cousin Mary Elizabeth
Massacre of St Bartholomew's Day occurred at his wedding Henry IV
married Elizabeth of York Henry VII
was declared illegitimate at some point Mary, Elizabeth
Virginia is named after her Elizabeth
won the War of Three Henrys Henry IV
had many wives (not at the same time) because they weren't giving him a male heir Henry VIII
supported artists and scholars Henry VIII, Elizabeth
sent soldiers to help Protestants being persecuted in the Netherlands Elizabeth
fought against the Holy League Henry IV
Anne Boleyn was her mother Elizabeth
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