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Group 1 SAT Vocab

abridge to shorten
abstemious sparing in the use of food or drink
abhor to loathe or detest
aesthetic pertaining to beauty
agenda a schedule of a meeting
ambiguous unclear; having more than one meaning
amorphous having no shape
antidote remedy for a poison
apathy lack of interest or caring
arrogance overconfidence
blueprint a detailed outline or plan for a building
comprehension including everything, complete
condemn to express strong disapproval of
conflagration a widespread fire
conformity the act of becoming similar or identical to
Conventional Traditional, mundane
Cynicism The belief that all human action is motivated by selfishness
Debunk To expose the falseness
Defendant Someone who has been accused to committing a crime
Detrimental Causing damage or harm
Deliberate Adj: intentional, well thought out; v: to consider carefully
Divergent Moving in different directions from a common point
diversity the state of being different or having different elements
dupe a person easily deceived
Created by: dklecher