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Medical Terminology


Amni(o) Amnion
Chori(o) Chorion
Fet(o) Fetus
Gonad(o) Gonad
Nat(o) Birth
O(o) Ovum
Par(o) Bearing offspring
Spermat(o) Sperm
Pseudo(o) False
-blast Embryonic/immature
-cyesis Pregnancy
-gravida Pregnant female
-para Woman who has given birth
-tropin That which stimulates
Ankyl(o) Stiff
Arthr(o) Joint/articulation
Articul(o) Joint/articulation
Blast(o) Embryonic form
Burs(o) Bursa
Calcane(o) Calcaneus (heel bone)
Carp(o) Carpus (wrist)
Cervic(o) Cervical
Chondr(o) Cartilage
Clavicul(o) Clavicle (collar bone)
Coccyg(o) Coccygeal
Cost(o) Costae (ribs)
Crani(o) Cranium (skull)
Fasci(o) Fascia
Femor(o) Femur (thigh bone)
Fibul(o) Fibula (calf bone)
Humer(o) Humerus (upper arm bone)
Ili(o) Ilium
Ischi(o) Ishium
Lumb(o) Lumbar
Muscul(o) Muscle
Myel(o) Bone marrow/spinal cord
My(o) Muscle
Oste(o) Bone
Patell(o) Patella (kneecap)
Phalang(o) Phalanx (finger/toe)
Pub(o) Pubis
Rach(i) Vertebral/spinal column (spine)
Rachi(o) Vertebral/spinal column (spine)
Radi(o) Radium (bone of forearm)
Scapul(o) Scapula (shoulder blade)
Spin(o) Vertebral/spinal column (spine)
Spondyl(o) Vertebrae (bones of the spine)
Stern(o) Sternum (breastbone)
Synov(o) Synovial membrane
Synovi(o) Synovial membrane
Tars(o) Tendon
Tend(o) Tendon
Tendin(o) Tendon
Thorac(o) Thoracic
Tibi(o) Tibia (shin bone)
Troph(o) Nutrition
Uln(o) Ulna (bone of the forearm
Vertebr(o) Vertebrae (bones of the spine)
-asthenia Weakness
-blast Embryonic form
-clasia Break
-desis Binding/fusion
-sarcoma Malignant tissue from connective tissue
Sacr(o) Sacaral
Arachn(o) Spider/arachnoid
Audi(o) Hearing
Cerebell(o) Cerebellum
Cerebr(o) Brain (cerebrum)
Chem(o) Chemical
Dacry(o) Tear
Encephal(o) Brain
Ir(o) Iris
Irid(o) Iris
Kerat(o) Cornea/hard/horny
Lacrim(o) Tear
Myel(o) Spinal cord/bone marrow
Mening(o) Meninges
Dendr(o) Tree
Nerv(o) Nerve
Neur(o) Nerve
Gli(o) Neuralgia/a sticky substance
Mechan(o) Mechanical
Noc(i) Cause harm/injury/pain
Ocul(o) Eye
Ophthalm(o) Eye
Opt(o) Vision
Optic(o) Vision
Ot(o) Ear
Phot(o) Light
Pseudo(o) False
Therm(o) Heat
-asthenia Weakness
-esthesia Sensitivity to pain
Ment(o) Mind
Psych(o) Mind
Phren(o) Mind/diaphragm
Pyr(o) Fire
Schist(o) Split
Schiz(o) Split
Idi(o) Individual
Adip(o) Fat
Axill(o) Axilla (armpit)
Cry(o) Cold
Cutane(o) Skin
Derm(o) Skin
Dermat(o) Skin
Erythemat(o) Erythema/redness
Follicul(o) Follicle
Heli(o) Sun
Kerat(o) Horny/cornea
Lip(o) Fat
Ichthy(o) Fish
Necr(o) Dead/death
Onych(o) Nail
Pil(o) Hair
Rhytid(o) Wrinkle
Seb(o) Sebum
Seps(o) Infection
Sept(o) Infection
Trich(o) Hair
Ungu(o) Nail
Xer(o) Dry/germ layer
-derm Skin
-phoresis Transmission
Aden(o) Gland
Adren(o) Adrenal gland
Adrenal(o) Adrenal gland
Andr(o) Male/masculine
Calc(i) Calcium
Gigant(o) Large
Gluc(o) Glucose
Glyc(o) Sugar
Glycos(o) Sugar
Gonad(o) Gonad
Insulin(o) Insulin
Iod(o) Iodine
Ket(o) Ketone
Lact(o) Milk
Mamm(o) Breast
Mast(o) Breast
Mast(o) Breast
Pancreat(o) Pancreas
Parathyroid(o) Parathyroid glands
Pituitary(o) Pituitary gland
Thyr(o) Thyroid gland
Thyroid(o) Thyroid gland
Trop(o) To stimulate
-crine Secrete
-dipsia Thirst
-physis Growth
-tropic Stimulating
-tropin That which stimulates
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