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Lesson 17

Lesson 17/Organ Systems

adrenal gland part of endocrine system
breast part of reproductive system
cardiovascular system including organs that form and transport blood and lymph
circlulation movements through a circular course
circulatory system transporting blood and lymph
encephal/o within the brain
encephalitis inflammation within brain
muscul/o muscle
esophag/o esophagus
gastrointestinal relating to digestive system
immun/o resistance
immune system defends body from disease
immunologic, immunological relating to defending body from disease
integument in the covering or in the skin
integumentary relating to the integument
intesetin/o intestine
lymphatic relating to lymph
lymphopoietic relating to lymphopoiesis
lymphopoiesis formation of lymphocytes
ovary reproductive organ
pancreat/o pancreas
penis reproductive organ
perineal relating to skin surface of pelvis
perineum skin surface of pelvis
muscle tissue consisting primarily of contractile cells
muscular relating to muscle
musculoskeletal muscular and skeletal organ systems
neurological, neurologic relating to nervous system
neuropsychiatric neurological system which includes the mind
peroneal relating to fibula (leg bone)
perone/o nerve in lower leg
pituitary endocrine gland
pulmonic relating to the lungs
spir/o breathe
respiratory organs responsible for breathing
sebace/o sebum, a greasy lubricating substance
splenomegaly enlargement of spleen
testes reproductive organ
thym/o thymus gland
thymus lymphoid organ
thyroid gland in endocrine system
ureter part of urinary system
ureter/o ureter
urethr/o urethra
urethra canal leading from bladder
urin/o, ur/o urine
urinary relating to urine
uterus womb, part of reproductive system
vagina part of reproductive system