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eval 8a chp 7

catalyst an agent that provokes or triggers a change
caustic a stinging or bitter remark
crystallize to give a definite form
osmosis a gradual often unconscious process of assimilation
sedentary settled; not mobile
virulent very toxic or poisonous
empirical guided by practical experience
entomology the scientific study of insects
gestate to conceive and develop in the mind
paradigm a framework or model of thought
entrepreneur a person who organizes and runs a business
lucrative very profitable
extravagant excessive
avarice excessive greed
glut, plethora, surfeit a surplus
paucity a shortage
destitute, impoverished, indigent very poor
affluent, opulent very wealthy
munificent very generous
parsimonious excessively cheap, stingy
deprecation a decrease in value
remunerate to compensate; a salary
accord a formal agreement
enlighten to illuminate
appeasement to grant concessions to maintain peace
nullify to make null; declare invalid
triumvirate a group of three leaders
pretext an excuse; an alleged cause
watershed a critical turning point
consensus a general agreement
autocrat and despot a ruler with unlimited power
manifesto a public declaration of beliefs
enfranchise to receive the right to vote
disenfranchise to lose the right to vote
coerce to compel someone to do something
egalitarian belief in a society based on equality
demarcation to set or mark boundaries
inquisition a severe interrogation; systematic questioning
ameliorate to make better
exacerbate to make worse
contiguous sharing an edge or boundary; touching
desiccate to thoroughly dry out; totally arid
pertinent relevant and to the point
complicity association or participation in a wrongful act
exonerate and exculpate to free from blame or guilt
indisputable not open to question; irrefutable
precedent an action or decision that serves as an example
unprecedented without a previous example
malfeasance misconduct or wrongdoing by a public official
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