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2t231 AF


The third position in an Air Force specialty code (AFSC) represents the subdivision
OJT is a two part program called the: dual-channel concept
Traffic management vehicle operations air transportation and vehicle maintenance are all part of the transportation career field
To upgrade to the 3 skill level position in the air transportation career field you DO NOT have to perform all duties in the on each of the air tans. career ladder steps
After you have successfully completed the required OJT and the 5 - level CDC's you will be at the 2t251 level of expertise
OJT is a two part program called the dual channel concept
conducting on the job training is the responsibilty of 2t271 personnel
processing shipments of cargo selects aircraft load and assists in supervising personnel best describes the duties of 2t251 personnel
the responcibility for the transportation of worldwide deployment planning rests with USTRANSCOM
during national emergencies, USTRANSCOM uses civil air carriers. these are known as CRAF
During peacetime which command operates as an airline for the dept of defense? Air mobility command
schduling the movement of DOD personnel engaged in international air travel is the responcibility of the Passenger reservation center (PRC)
Which is not a functional area of ATOF Ramp services
the mission of operating fixed air terminal facilities at AMC aerial ports rests with the perssonel in the strategic aerial port
AMC's deployment efforts rest with what type of airlift capability? Quick responce
what sections make up the air cargo terminal during mobility operations cargo manifest/docmentation, load team, and cargo in-check sections
an independent program that clogs computer networks but usually doesnt destroy data is call a worms
Opsecs overall security program is designed to enhance mission effectiveness
what is the number one environmental health threat to children? lead poisning
how is the subject series listed in AFIND2? Numerically
What is placed in the project code on the TCMD to represent registered mail? REG.
which option is a type of special cargo listed in AMCI 24-101, VOL. II cargo and mail? Emergency
which publication provides instructions on the procedures for preparing hazardous materials for shipment aboard military aircraft? AFJMAN 24-204 Preparing Hazardous Materials for Military Air Shipments
The military shipment label is affixed to what piece(s) of cargo in the shipment? each
The purpose of the air force occupational saftey and health program (AFOSH)is to provide a safe and healthful workplace for all... military and civilian personnel
the following agencies are responcible for ensuring the AFOSH policies are followed at your workplace excpet Red cross
Which AFOSH standard contains the requirements for practices and procedures for mananging the Air Force hazard communication program AFOSH 161-21 Hazard communication
Which option is not one of the most common saftey concerns of the air force transportation field working
the air transportation subdivision consists of duties involving passengers cargo and mail
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