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Lesson 5-12


Blight To ruin (verb) 8
Cataclysm An intense and violent disaster or change(noun) 8
Decomposition The process of rotting, breaking down, or disintegration (noun) 8
Eradication To get rid of from the deep roots (noun) 8
Havoc Widespread destruction and devastation (noun) 8
Mar To inflict damage or spoil the quality of (verb) 8
Obliterate To wipe out completely (verb) 8
Pugnacious Combative; Eager for a fight (adjective) 8
Pulverize To pound, crush, or grind into powder or dust (verb) 8
Stagnant Stale and foul because of lack of movememnt ; motion less (adjective) 8
Apologist Defending someone (noun)Greek 5
Dissuade Stop someone from doing something (verb)Latin 5
Dupe Getting played (verb)& (noun) Old French 5
Fallacy A false belief (noun) Latin 5
Imply To hint; suggest directly (verb) Latin 5
Indisputable Obviously true (adjective) Latin 5
Infer Making a conclusion (verb) Latin 5
Red herring A distraction (noun) 5
Refute To prove wrong (verb) Latin 5
Substantiate To support with evidence (verb) Latin 5
Accolade Great praise / An award (noun) French 6
Adulation To adore something (noun) Latin 6
Anathema Someone that is hated (noun) Greek 6
Commend To give approval (verb) Latin 6
Critique A detailed review (noun) & (verb) Greek 6
Eulogy A tribute that is written or spoken about someone that died (noun) Greek 6
Homage Giving respect (noun) Latin 6
Laudable Doing something nice (adjective) Latin 6
Quibble To argue over something that not important (verb) & (noun) 6
Reproach To complain (verb) Latin 6
Bland Dull/Plain (adjective) Latin 7
Culinary Related to cooking or kitchen (adjective) Latin 7
Cutlery Utensils (noun) Old French 7
Devour Greedy (verb) Latin 7
Morsel Very small piece (noun) Latin 7
Pungent Strong smell (adjective) Latin 7
Quaff To drink fast (verb) 7
Ravenous Extremely hungry (adjective) Old French 7
Savory Pleasing taste or smell (adjective) Latin 7
Simmer To cook gently (verb) 7
Broach To bring up a subject or discuss (verb) Old French 9
Convene To come together formally (verb) Latin 9
Debut First Appearance (verb/noun) French 9
Embark To board a plane or ship (verb) Latin 9
Generate To create or bring together (verb)Greek 9
Incipient Being to exist (adjective) Latin 9
Initiative The beginning (noun) Latin 9
Innovation Something newly introduced (noun) Latin 9
Novice A beginner (noun) Latin 9
Overture A piece of music (noun) Latin 9
Devious Meant to trick; not straightforward (adjective) Latin 10
Duplicity two faced (noun) Latin 10
Fictitious False or fake (adjective) Latin 10
Guile Intelligent (noun) 10
Gullible Easy fooled (adjective) 10
Hypocritical Saying one thing but doing another (adjective) Greek 10
Overt Observable, not a secret (adjective) Latin 10
Reputable Well thought of (adjective) Latin 10
Veracity Truthfulness or accuracy (noun) Latin 10
Acme Highest point of achievement (noun) 11
Adept Very skillful (adjective) Latin 11
Aptitude Natural ability; talent (noun) Latin 11
Astute Clever & cunning (adjective) Latin 11
Finesse To achieve a goal (verb/noun) French 11
Painstaking Requiring great care (adjective) 11
Precocious Being mature early (adjective) Latin 11
Prodigy Young with talent (noun) Latin 11
Resourceful Good at solving problems (adjective) 11
Virtuoso An expert or master artist (noun) Latin 11
Idiosyncrasy Unusual habit from a person (noun) Greek 12
Innocuous Harmless (adjective) Latin 12
Obtrusive Noticeable (adjective) Latin 12
Orthodox Doing whats right (adjective) Greek 12
Prevalent Something that happens often (adjective) Latin 12
Prosaic Dull (adjective) Latin 12
Quaint Odd in a old fashion way (adjective) Latin 12
Rarity Something that rarely happens (noun) Latin 12
Singular Unique (adjective) Latin 12
Trite Overused, lack of interest (adjective) Latin 12
Created by: Zamiera
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