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palpitation an experience of pounding, racing, or skipping of the heartbeat.
aneurysm bulging of an arterial wall caused by congenital defect or acquired weakness of arterial wall produced as blood is pushed against it.
cardiac arrest cessation of heart activity.
congestive heart failure chronic condition characterized by inability of left ventricle to pump enough blood through the body to adequately supply systemic tissue. (CHF)
coronary atrery disease generalized condition of arteries of heart, characterized by reduction of blood flow to heart wall (mostly caused by atherosclerosis). (CAD)
deep vein thrombosis abnormal presence of stationary blood clots within deep veins of leg. (DVT)
fibrillation uncoordinated, rapid contractions of ventricles or atria resulting in circulatory collapse.
heart attack acute episode during which heart fails to pump blood effectively. (HA) Also called myocardial infarction (MI) (death of portion of myocardium.
auscultation physical exam that consists of listening to internal sounds using a stethoscope.
cardiac catherization insertion of a narrow flexible tube, or catheter, through a coronary blood vessel to withdraw blood samples, measure pressures, and inject contrast medium for imaging purposes.
cardiac pacemaker battery-powered device implanted under the skin and wired to the SA nodes; produces timed electrical pulses that replace the pacemaking function of the SA node.
cardiopulmonary resuscitation emergency response procedure that includes artificial ventilation and external heart massage in an effort to resuscitate (revive) the patient. (CPR)
coronary artery bypass surgical procedure to which a blood vessel if removed from another part of the body and inserted in the coronary circulation to bypass blood flow around an occluded (blocked) coronary artery. (CABG)
coronary stent a plastic scaffold used to anchor a surgical implantation (graft), implanted in a coronary artery to prevent closure of artery after angioplasty, etc.
defibrillation electrical charge to heart in effort to defibrillate (stop fibrillation) of heart.
Holter ambulatory monitor portable electrocardiograph worn by patient; monitors electrical activity of heart over 24 hr period (detect periodic/transient abnormalities).
varicosis abnormal condition of dilated veins
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