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Nerve Names

Nerve names (not all)

zygomatic nerve
uterovaginal plexus
vagus nerve
vesical nervous plexus
vestibular nerve
ulnar nerve
tympanic nerve
saphenous nerve
renal plexus
pudendal nerve
prostatic plexus (nervous)
petrous ganglion
patellar plexus
palmar branch of ulnar nerve
palatine nerves
otic ganglion
ophthalmic nerve
obturator nerve
nasociliary nerve
Meissner's plexus
maxillary nerve
jugular ganglion
internal carotid plexus
infraorbical nerve
hypoglossal nerve
genitofemoral nerve
frontal nerve
facial nerve
esophageal plexus
coccygeal nerve
chorda tympani
buccal nerve
axillary nerve
aortic plexus
Alderman's nerve
accessory nerve
accessory obturator nerve
anterior interosseous nerve
Auerbach's plexus
brachial plexus
celiac ganglia
trigeminal nerve
tibial nerve
thoracodorsal nerve
suboccipital nerve
subcostal nerve
splenic plexus
sciatic nerve
sacral plexus
ovarian plexus
olfactory nerve
nasopalatine nerve
radial nerve
pterygopalatine ganglion
ciliary ganglion
phrenic nerve
perineal nerve
cochlear nerve
glossopharyngeal nerve
gastric plexuses
femoral nerve
ethmoidal nerves
ilioinguinal nerve
intercostal nerves
pancreatic plexus
palmar branch of the median nerve
optic nerve
mylohyoid nerve
medial cord
masseteric nerve
internal laryngeal nerve
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